Connecting 2 PC for Interrnet use

  geedad 19:38 06 Feb 2010

I have 2 PC's.
A Windows XP Home SP2 PC, and a Windows 98 SE PC.
I use Virgin broadband on the XP. Can I join both to enable me to use the Internet on both?
If possible, how can the connection be made, and if any, what adapters?
Any help would be appreciated.

  The Kestrel 19:57 06 Feb 2010

I'm assuming you already have a router supplied by Virgin. If not you will need to buy a router. The best way is probably a wireless network, unless you want to run cables from your router to both computers. This article click here is worth reading as a starter.

  danielgent 20:19 06 Feb 2010

not necessarily true. It depends how you connect to the internet. If you use a USB cable modem then you could connect the two PCs by a two-cross ethernet cable (I think thats the name) and then setup "Internet connection sharing". The easiest way would be to get a cable router and use wifi though as Kestrel said

  mgmcc 09:55 07 Feb 2010

If both computers have network adapters, and the XP PC's one isn't already being used to connect to the Virgin service, connect them directly with a *CROSSOVER* ethernet cable.

Enable "Internet Connection Sharing" on the actual internet connection (MODEM connection) in the XP PC. To do this, go into the Network Connections folder ("Start > Run", type NCPA.CPL and click OK), right click the internet connection and select Properties. In the Properties sheet, click the Advanced tab and tick the box "Allow other network users etc..."

Windows will automatically configure the Local Area Connection with the IP address and Subnet Mask - there is no Default Gateway address and no DNS Server addresses.

The "Client" PC (your Windows 98SE PC) gets its addresses automatically by DHCP from the "Host" PC.

If you happen to be using Zone Alarm in the XP PC, the Internet Zone Security level must be reduced from High to Medium, otherwise Internet Sharing Traffic will be blocked.

  the hick 10:03 07 Feb 2010

For our second PC, I used ordinary ethernet cable from that to one of the spare thre ports on the D-link router, and its fine. There may be advantages in using 'crossover' cable, but I am not sure what they are.

  geedad 11:24 07 Feb 2010

My 'main' PC is the XP Home, with the Virgin broadband setup, and I used to use the 98 with the same Virgin broadband setup. Both are desktops in the same room, and they are about 5 metres apart.I have looked at my modem, and I have a connection to a Virgin Digital TV box, a power adapter and another cable goes straight to the PC- I do not know what the cable is called, and there are no other sockets available.
Is that any help?
Thank again,

  MAJ 11:36 07 Feb 2010

With ICS both computers would need to be on to access the internet. Why not get a router and a USB network adapter, you could then have one connected to the router via ethernet and the other connecting wirelessly to the router. Much simpler even if a little more expensive.

  howard64 11:39 07 Feb 2010

you can buy a router which can be used with the virgin modem which then has 4 ethernet ports. I got one from Maplins and connected my frieds 2 pcs up using it. The most important thing to do with the cable modem is to turn it off while you make the connections so that on switch on it recognizes the new setup.

  geedad 12:44 07 Feb 2010

Thanks to all of the following Forum members.
Got all the info I need now!
The Kestrel
the hick
You have all been so helpful.

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