connecting 2 hard drives

  naggis 16:47 12 Oct 2003

I have a second hard drive set as a slave to the main hard drive. Would my machine operate quicker if the 2 drives were operating off separate cables. ie one cable for the DVD and master hard disk and the other cable for CD writer and second hard disk.
Any help would be appreciated

  Gongoozler 17:30 12 Oct 2003

Hi Jim. The usual configuration is for the hard drives to be on IDE1 and the optical drives on IDE2. If the drives are not of the same speed rating then the bus will run at the speed of the slower drive. That is, if you have a ATA33 and a ATA133 drive, then both transfer data at 33MHz.

  pj123 17:32 12 Oct 2003

No, leave both your hard disks on one IDE cable as master and slave. Optical disks on the same cable as hard drives will slow the hard disk down. But, the CD Rewriter always likes to be the master, so make the CD Rewriter master and the DVD slave on the secondary IDE connection

  DieSse 18:09 12 Oct 2003

The notion that the transfer rate of an IDE bus operates at that of the slower device is years out of date. All modern boards support independant device timings, and have for several years now.

This an ATA33 and an ATA133 on the same cable, would both operate at their rated speeds (assuming the motherboard supports them, and you are using an 80 wire cable).

The reason that optical drives are not ideally to be mixed with magnetic drives on the same cable, is becaise the ATAPI optical driv interface spec is not the same as the standard HDD spec, and the differences may cause problems. This doesn't mena it can't be done, or that it won't work - but it's not conventionally recommended as problems are possible.

  Gongoozler 19:44 12 Oct 2003

Hi DieSse. Years out of date - thats me. Now when I were a lad and floppy disks were REALLY floppy .......

  DieSse 21:57 12 Oct 2003

I've still got a couple of 8 inchers (floppy disks) that I keep to show the unbelieving.

  naggis 18:47 13 Oct 2003

Thanks you guys for your help on this. This is the first time I have had such useful info. Mind you I think my machine is still in the dark ages when the disks ran at the speed of the slowest!!

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