connecting 2 computers

  polyal 09:00 10 Nov 2011

i am connected to the internet via a laptop wireless connection running windows 7...i have a desktop running xppro sp3 next to it...can i connect my desktop to the internet via the laptop...if so what's the procedure regards polyal

  mgmcc 11:37 10 Nov 2011

As your Laptop is connecting to the internet "wirelessly", presumably you must have a wireless router. That being the case, you would connect the desktop PC to the router as well, either by ethernet cable or, if it has a Wireless Network Adapter installed, wirelessly.

While it is possible for the Laptop to share its internet connection, this really isn't the best way to go when the PC can connect directly to the router for its internet access. With both computers connected to the router, they are "networked" and you will also be able to "share" folders and printers.

  polyal 11:57 10 Nov 2011

thanks for the reply unfortunately the desktop cant be connected to the router that's why i need to do it this way even though it might not be as 'flexible' regards polyal

  mgmcc 15:10 10 Nov 2011

OK, so how are you going to connect the desktop PC to the Laptop if it can't connect directly to the router?

To run "Internet Connection Sharing", the Laptop needs to have two network adapters - the "wireless" one with which it currently connects to the router and a "wired" ethernet one with which it will connect to the desktop PC.

The desktop PC needs a "wired" ethernet connection to connect to the Laptop and this is done with a crossover ethernet cable. Because a PC's ethernet port is configured to connect to a Network Switch (normally the LAN ports of a router) and not to another computer, this special cable with some of the wires crossed over has to be used for a direct "PC-to-PC" connection.

Once the physical connection has been set up, the Laptop's internet connection (Wireless Network Connection) needs to be "Shared". Go into the Network Connections folder by clicking the Start orb, typing into the Search box ncpa.cpl and clicking the result displayed. Once in the Network Connections folder, highlight and then right click the "Wireless Network Connection" and select Properties. In the Properties sheet that opens, select the Sharing tab and tick the box "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection".

When you've done this, the Laptop's "wired" ethernet connection will have the IP address and Subnet Mask but no Default Gateway or DNS Server addresses because it doesn't connect to the internet. The Desktop PC will get its addresses automatically from the Laptop.

Because "Internet Connection Sharing" operates in the Subnet, i.e the Host computer (your Laptop) has the address and allocates an address between and to the Client computer (your desktop PC), it is essential that your Router doesn't also operate in this same Subnet (IP address range). The third octet (number) of your Router's IP address must be something other than zero, e.g. an address of or etc.

Now I'm sure that's going to take some time to digest, so read it through a few times and then come back with any questions.

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