Connecting 2 buildings to 1 braodband service

  Smitty123 18:47 10 Mar 2010

Hi there,

So here's the problem. I have two buildings at my place. They are old stone buildings with remarkably thick walls. They both share a phone line, but I only have broadband in one. I need to have broadband in the other as it is my office but have no idea how to do this. I have tried N routers and N adapters, but walls are too thick. They are also about 20m apart and although there is nothing between them, there are no windows facing one another that I could set up a line of sight in. Is there anyway I can set up a connection throught the phone line to my current router?Any suggestions will be much appreciated. Please help as I'm tearing my hair out.
Thanks to all who try. E

  MAJ 19:34 10 Mar 2010

If the two two buildings are on the same electric circuit, you could try HomePlugs. click here

  Forum Editor 23:30 10 Mar 2010

You could run an ethernet cable from the router. If the buildings are connected by your own land you could trench the cable in a plastic conduit, or suspend it on a catenary wire. At 20 metres you're comfortably under the maximum length for Ethernet.

Use CAT5E external cable if you choose either one of these options - it's specially sheathed in polyethylene to protect it from the weather.

  rizlo29 01:47 11 Mar 2010

I'd have thought you'd still get connection even with thick walls.

Get a new router.

  Smitty123 10:21 11 Mar 2010

Rizlo, I bought the N router two days ago, I can get a signal strength of about 23/25% but not sufficient enough to run live currency charts etc.

Does anyone have any experience with boosters etc?

The buildings are separate, so electrical circuits are also sep unfortunately.

Thanks All. E

  blink2gb 04:56 12 Mar 2010

Just connect a Hi-Gain Outdoor Antenna to the router

click here

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