Connectify Support fails to help

  User3416 10:06 30 Jul 2013

I installed Connectify last year after reading a review in this mag. Upgraded to Pro in November. Recently re-installed W8 on my notebook and needed to re-install Connectify Pro, which is fab in our oddly-shaped house. Discovered they've introduced a login using the email from the time of purchase and a password, not just the license code from the original purchase. Now, I deleted that email early this year cos of an issue not relevant here, and Gmail have confirmed this. The password to Connectify logon has also disappeared, victim to grandchildren using my notebook for paper aeroplanes! (No, I don't usually write passwords in notebooks....) So....I cannot ask for a password reminder cos they send it to my original and now defunct address which I can't access, and I can't contact support for the same reason. I tried to get in touch and was sent round the houses so many times I got annoyed and told them they were useless! I even sent a screen shot of the PayPal transaction when I bought the damn thing, but STILL they cannot send me some way of logging in with my new email. Every contact from them I have had involves my OLD email. So now I have paid nearly £30 for a year and cannot access it or their support. I emailed once more last week via the 'Contact Us' bit on the bottom of their web page but they've not replied. They've had my money.....why should they care? Any suggestions? The free 'LITE' connectify switches off after a set time which is a nuisance, and installing the XP Lite version which used to work on W7 and W8 (and doesn't have a timer on it) no longer works over WiFi. I want to login and use my current email, and have Pro back. I have got a Range Extender, but setting that up is rather beyond me. Thanks. Ps. This might not be the best forum....Please suggest better one!

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