connected tv to pc but quality is crappy!!any help

  ShorN 12:09 13 Mar 2003

Ive just connected my 28in widescreen tv to my pc via the tv out card on pc into the scart connection on tv. The problem is that the quality of the screen on the tv is bad. very flickery with horizontal noise. I want to user it to play videos on my pc and watch them on my tv. Can any one help please..!!

  Tog 12:16 13 Mar 2003

What kind of cable are you using and how long is it?

  ShorN 12:30 13 Mar 2003

its a s-video cable and its 5 m long
Then ive connected the audoi and the svid to a scart adapter to go to tv

  Tog 12:51 13 Mar 2003

Make sure all of the connections are secure and avoid looping the cable.

Can you check it with a shorter cable?

If you are using the AV1 SCART socket, make sure you have AV1 channel selected. (For some reason I can view a distorted version of the AV1 input on my AV2 channel if it is not connected.)

  €dstow 12:53 13 Mar 2003

My view is to use a computer for computing and a television set for watching television. Using either one for the other is bound to be a compromise - as you are finding.

Even using dedicated television tuner adapter cards in a computer is fraught with problems and almost never completely satisfactory.

Just because a computer and a television use as similar looking visual display unit doesn't mean that the two are at all interchangeable - they aren't.


  Tog 07:33 14 Mar 2003

My view is that if I don't have enough space in my daughter's room for a TV/Video AND a PC monitor then something has to give.

I use a GeForce4 MX440 TV-Out & PCI64 audio to a SCART adapter into a standard TV using the AV1 input socket. High contrast settings & large fonts allow sufficient ease of use to get games installed and started. Yes, the display is nowhere near as good as a monitor and could never be used for WP apps but I couldn't care less as that is not what it's for.

ShorN, how's it going?

  Mr Crispy 22:59 14 Mar 2003

there is a program out there called tvtool. I tried this once on demo and was quite suprised. it allows a lot more adjust ment to be made to the picture settings and works well with nvidia cards.

  ShorN 23:00 27 Mar 2003

im afraid ive given up i wanted it to watch movies instead of having to convert them to vcd s but im able to create excellent vcds now!!

  richie 00:50 28 Mar 2003

Have you updated your graphics drivers.

I have the same card, had the same problem and solved it with an update.

€dstow, duff desktop on TV but DVD's play perfectly well.

  hugh-265156 01:00 28 Mar 2003

you will find that text etc is blurry but dvds should be fine.use the monitor for all the windows stuff and tv for movies.not familiar with geforce cards but make sure secondary display is set to pal 60hz and as Tog says plug into av1 on the tv.if you have in av2/3 other devices can cause conflicts(video sky) etc.

  Megatyte 01:10 28 Mar 2003

Shouldn't that be pal 50hz?


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