connected to router but cant connect to internet

  nickysadvent 15:34 01 Mar 2010

hi, we have just installed a new sky broadband router in our home and my advent 8109 laptop connected to it fine using the provided passkey..
however our toshiba laptop could not connect to it, so my stepdad changed the settings from wpa to wep settings on the router...
now..the toshiba laptop is connected fine to the router and internet.
the problem is -: now the advent laptop can connect to the router using the new wep key etc and it shows a strong connection but it will not connect to the internet using IE or firefox??
i cant connect the laptop with an ethernet cable as the socket for it on the laptop is damaged
also my iphone cant connect anymore?
any help would be much appreciated as iv tried numerous things from other forums with no joy!

  rizlo29 17:07 01 Mar 2010

Check your IP address through command prompt.

Your IP address should start with 192. If it starts with 192 you have a valid address. If it starts with, 169 or its blank, you need to get a valid ip address.

A couple of things to try -

- switch of router and computers then switch back on again.

- delete the profile in network settings.

- in command prompt type ipconfig/release then type ipconfig/renew. This forces the network adaptors to drop and renew addresses such as ip address.

  nickysadvent 07:36 02 Mar 2010

Right, i did everything you suggested and it now says in the command prompt: no operation can be performed on local area connection while it has its media disconnected.
An error occured while renewing interface wireless network connection: unable to contact your DHCP server. Request has timed out.

What does this mean? Thank you for your help so far

  rizlo29 14:46 02 Mar 2010

Try this.

Start>>run>>type SERVICES.MSC and click OK.

Scroll down to dhcp client and click. Make sure the start up type is set to automatic and click the start tab.

This will now assign you a valid address.

Oh, and make sure you have tcp/ip settings in network connection set to obtain both ip and dns addresses automatically.

  nickysadvent 15:40 02 Mar 2010

Ok i did the things you suggested but still no joy..
When i looked at the dhcp client it said it was already running and on automatic so i just restarted it but it made no difference? Frustrating!

  rizlo29 15:44 02 Mar 2010

Have you tried going to command prompt and typing ipconfig/release then ipconfig/renew?

  rizlo29 15:50 02 Mar 2010

Have you got it set to obtain ip and dns automatically?

Start> control panel>network and Internet connections>network connections>right click wireless network>properties>Internet protocol tcp/ip and the fields should be blank and set up to obtain both ip and dns addresses automatically.

  nickysadvent 16:23 02 Mar 2010

Yes it is set to obtain ip address and dns server address automatically and when i type in ipconfig/release then ipconfig/renew in the command prompt it displays the same message as before (no operation can be performed while it has media disconnected.....)

  rizlo29 16:29 02 Mar 2010

I just lost connection on mine. I typed the wrong password in and it said I was connected? Make sure you typed the correct wepkey as it may still say connected even tho it isn't.

If that fails you might consider setting up a static ip address just to rule out dhcp server.

This article may help you.

click here

  nickysadvent 16:54 02 Mar 2010

I used the link you provided and did everuthing it said but my default gateway and dns servers all share the same number - When im trying to set up a static ip address in the tcp/ip properties it is saying i cant have the alternate dns server the same as the prefered dns server?

The ipconfig on my laptop says

default gateway
dns servers.

  rizlo29 17:07 02 Mar 2010

When it says you cant have same just change the last digit. e.g.

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