Connected camera does not appear as disk in Windows Explorer (XP)

  Batch 14:42 20 Jul 2012

I've had several digital cameras over the years and never bothered with the supplied software. Instead I've just connected the camera to PC using USB cable and the camera (or more precisely the memory card in the camera) just mounts as a removable disk (and appears as disk in Windows Explorer). Likewise with my MP3 player. Then I just copy, delete etc. without any problems.

Well, I've just bought a new camera (a low-end Fuji FinePix JZ110), and on connecting this to the PC via USB, I got a request to select software to be run when the device is connected (I was given choice of MS Scanner and Camera Wizard or my actual scanner software). I skipped this and the camera just appeared in Windows Explorer as a FinePix JZ100/JZ110 camera showing a camera icon (although it could still, largely, be accessed like a disk). One difference is that there is no option to dismount the device in the system tray as one would normally get with a removable disk - I just turn off the camera and unplug.

BTW, I prevented the "software to run" request appearing each time by right-clicking the camera icon and changing the properties to not take any action on a connection event.

My question is this - is there some way to get the camera to mount as a removable disk or is it (likely) that the camera is getting in the way and putting itself between the PC and the memory card in the camera (and so cannot be circumvented)?

Also, does anyone foresee problems with the way I'm disconnecting the camera? As it isn't explicitly mounted as a disk, there isn't any access to a Policy setting to disable / enable write caching (as one has with removable disks), so I assume it isn't cached and so not likely to be a problem.

  lotvic 21:34 20 Jul 2012

Why bother connecting the camera? It's easier to take memory card out of the camera and put it in pc's card reader.

  rdave13 21:42 20 Jul 2012

lotvic, OK if the reader is compatible with SDHC cards. If and older M/C then possibly worth an investment of five squids, or so, to buy an external USB card reader.

  Batch 08:48 21 Jul 2012

lotvic - I have to say that I disagree. I've never understood why people frig around taking cards out of cameras and inserting them into slots when it is much quicker and simpler just to plug it in to a USB lead.

Furthermore, with some cameras you have to connect them to teh USB periodically anyhow as that is the only way to charge their batteries (i.e. they do not have a separate charger).

  NewestRoyWidd1 09:50 21 Jul 2012

I use a Fuji Finepix S1900 as my second camera,and never use the software or the usb lead to get images into my computer,just a card reader.

These are easily obtainable for very little cost,and do the job.If you haven't done so already you may want to register your camera on the Fuji forum.They are very helpful and will answer any questions you may have.

  eedcam 09:55 21 Jul 2012

I've never understood why people frig around taking cards out of cameras and inserting them into slots when it is much quicker and simpler just to plug it in to a USB lead.

Read more:

Well one Blatantly obvious reason is you dont get the problem you have.As for battery charging well every camera I've had came with a charger and even buying one costs peanuts

  Miké 13:01 21 Jul 2012

Sorry to say this Batch but stop worrying about it, and just use the camera wizard.

Then get out and take some pictures with the new toy :-)

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