connect3d ati radeon 9600xt 256mb 'any good?'

  Benzo 18:25 29 Sep 2004

i am thinking of purchacing a connect3d ati radeon 9600xt 256mb for around £100 is this a good card for around £100inc VAT? i will be running a 19ins crt off of it

Benzo F.

  Benzo 18:38 29 Sep 2004


  Benzo 19:23 29 Sep 2004

??? anyone ???

  matt1234 19:26 29 Sep 2004

depends what your going to use it for!

If you were goin to use it for games a powerful one maybe in order

  Benzo 19:28 29 Sep 2004

is this card good for gaming with a core speed of 500mhz?

Benzo F

  citadel 19:32 29 Sep 2004

9600xt is ok, 9800pro is better, they are selling at reduced price. for an example in doom3 9800pro is about 20 frames per second faster.

  Benzo 19:35 29 Sep 2004

i need a sufficient gfx card for around this price range any recomendations? i ideally wanted 256mb

Benzo F.

  citadel 19:42 29 Sep 2004

fx5700, or fx5900xt, don't worry about the differ ence between 128 and 256 versions as it makes little difference. fx5900xt is about 20fps faster in doom 3.

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