Connect Windows 7 Laptop To XP PC, Anyhow!

  busybaz 12:05 17 Oct 2011

Post in PCA Network forum [see Networking Windows 7 & XP posted 15/10/2011] attracting no response , "Need an idiot's step by step guide, from scratch, on networking new laptop running Windows 7 x64 to old PC running Windows XP SP3. Any ideas.....". A tricky & frequent problem judging from search results and other posts in PCA forums.

We are talking real handholding, here. For example; 1. In Network And Sharing Centre, select "Set Up A New Connection Or Network" 2. At the next screen, {Connect To The Internet/Set Up A New Network/Manually Connect To A Wireless Network/Connect To A Workplace/Set Up A Dial-Up Connection/Set Up A Wireless Ad Hoc [Computer-To-Computer] Network} select .......

Setup Lenovo G570 Laptop + Windows 7, PC + XP SP3 & Tenda W302U USB wireless adapter, Tenda W302R wireless router connected to Virgin cable modem.

Anyone up for the challenge?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:10 17 Oct 2011
  busybaz 16:02 17 Oct 2011

Thank you for caring, Fruit Bat!!

All my settings are as per the article in your link apart from Network - there isn't one! If I go in to Network connections on XP, my internet wireless connection is showing [and working very well, thank you]. If I right click on that connection & select "View available Wireless Networks", "Choose a Wireless Network" window opens. This shows

Windows cannot configure this wireless connection

If you have enabled another program to manage this wireless connection,
use  that software.

If you want Windows to configure this wireless connection, start the
Wireless Zero Configuration (WZC} service [for information see

Is my router/wireless adapter setup the sticking point do you think?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:29 17 Oct 2011

wireless adapter setup

what software are you using?

Although it shouldn't matter, as long as you are connected to the router you should be able to set up file and printer sharing for all machines

  gengiscant 16:31 17 Oct 2011

I never did discover how to connect my better half's XP PC to my Windows 7, it was easier to just upgrade hers to 7.

  busybaz 17:59 17 Oct 2011

gengiscant - I'm heading towards being resigned to using a USB stick for transfer of info/printing etc. Buggered if I'll buy a Windows 7 upgrade!

Fruit Bat

  1. Wireless adapter setup - not sure I am using any software! I have to select the adapter from Start/Programs which brings up a ConfigUI window, where I have to select from a list of scanned/discovered networks & select connect. I had to connect to the Tenda website to set up the router for internet connection, enter SSID name & password. Does this mean router only handles one network? There is a section when I log into the router called Virtual Server with Single Port Forwarding etc - any relevance?

2.Had the link to howtogeek before. All it says is "make sure both machines are part of the same workgroup, set up the correct sharing settings, and making sure network discovery is enabled on Windows 7", which I have done on multiple occasions. It is not telling me how to network the two machines.

I think what I need is a Man/Woman Who Can when they have got their mitts on the hardware. I live in Leeds, West Yorkshire - any takers????!!!!!

  busybaz 13:30 18 Oct 2011


Don't know if my other tweakings had effect [eg adding LLTD service in XP, opening ports in McAfee firewall in Windows 7]. Was probably there all the time in the network connection already in use for internet [told you I was a network dunderhead].

Disabled ZoneAlarm on XP PC & PC showed up on laptop when full network map accessed. Still get sign in screen [PC user name & password required] when clicking on PC icon, but I can get there.

Have now added laptop IP address to trusted zone in ZoneAlarm so it can remain enabled {Info from the many previous trawls on the subject led me to this snippet}

Now to try and access laptop drive from PC rather than just the public folders that Windows 7 allows!!!!!!

Thanks again for the interest, Fruit Bat.

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