Connect upstairs PC to Home Hub wifi network downstairs

  HelenReid 20:09 14 Jul 2014

OK, complete novice here!

We had BT engineer last week to install broadband, tv etc and they put in the Home Hub network (and YouView box) downstairs and it all works fine.

however we forgot that the PC (which is upstairs) used to be connected by a cable to the internet so how do we get the PC connected to internet now? Its a Mesh PC and has Windows XP. We use a MacBook downstairs which is now connected wifi of course.

the engineer said to get a wireless dongle for the PC upstairs. Is this correct?

  john bunyan 20:33 14 Jul 2014

You could get a wireless dongle but "Home Plugs" would probably be better . In effect you use the house wiring. One plug goes into a mains socket near the router and connected to it by Ethernet cable (which comes with a 2 plug set) and the other plug similarly near the PC and connected to it by Ethernet cable. I bought a pair at Argos of TP Link ones (500Mbps) for £24.99. See:


Plug into mains socket, not a protected extension. Mine linked a Smart TV to the router.

  john bunyan 20:46 14 Jul 2014

PS Other, dearer, models are shown in the link but mine worked fine.

  bumpkin 21:07 14 Jul 2014

A dongle should be fine unless you live in a huge house where the upstairs PC is out of range of the router. Very cheap to buy and just plug into a USB port.

  bumpkin 21:16 14 Jul 2014

Some examples here click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:54 14 Jul 2014

does your XP PC already have a wireless card installed

Make and model of PC?

Look in device manager to see if there is a wireless card ubder network connections.

  wee eddie 23:48 14 Jul 2014

Home Hub much faster than WiFi

  alanrwood 09:47 15 Jul 2014

Hi Wee Eddie Maybe for inter computer networking it will be faster but unlikely for internet connection.. Even fast ethernet is 100Mb/s and Internet around 80Mb/s on BT fibre, it is not going to make any difference. That even applies if you have a Gb ethernet card fitted which is also unlikely bearing in mind the age of the computer concerned. Also if it does have a wireless card fitted it will probably only be at 54Mb/s so the speed of the BT HGub will be wasted.. The fastest way is to fit a Gb network card in the PC and do a bit of wiring to connect the computer to the BT Hub but then I'm not sure that is what the OP is asking about. If wireless is the only acceptable solution then fit a very fast wireless network card or USB wireless dongle that can accommodate the fast speeds of the BT Hub.

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