Connect TV to Virgin V6 box

  pomphrey 14:50 08 Mar 2018

I have just purchased a new 55 inch Samsung TV and the retailer suggests I use an HDMI cable to connect to V6. But Virgin disagree and recommend using a LAN cable. Samsung Support (sit on the fence) and say that they would say HDMI but I ought to follow Virgin with a LAN cable Which cable is going to give the best result? There must be definitive answer

  BT 18:09 08 Mar 2018

HDMI for connection of V6 box to TV set

LAN cable to connect to Router although if your router is too far away or in another room it will connect by WiFi. Log in to your Virgin account where you will find how to do it Videos.

  pomphrey 18:10 08 Mar 2018

Great Thanks for a sensible reply. I can connect with HDMI but the Router is too distant for a LAN cable. Would I be able to connect by WiFi for On Demand entertainment?

  martd7 18:17 08 Mar 2018

Yes on demand on the V6 box runs from WiFi as there is no modem in the V6 box hence it's small size

I have a V6 and the virgin hub is upstairs

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