connect tv to pc

  ollie < one> 10:32 05 Oct 2003

hi all
i would like to connect my t.v to my pc so that i can watch my music videos on my tv i have windows 98 on a AMD xp 2200 my graphics card is an Nvidia
tornado g force 4 mx 440 se, i have the reqd cables to connect the tv to pc, any help with this prob greatfully received

many thanks to all

  bremner 10:43 05 Oct 2003

Your card has TV out, you say you have the leads What problem are you having?

  ollie < one> 11:11 05 Oct 2003

do not know how to config tv to pc have looked on internet but some instructions a little bit confusing

  bremner 11:35 05 Oct 2003

I assume that the lead from the PC goes to one of the AV connections on the PC.
All you need is to put the TV onto the relevant AV channel and that should be it.

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