Connect to server to PC directly

  digicomp 13:22 23 Dec 2014


I hope someone can help.

My PC is connected to a bridge, and my server is also connected to this same bridge too. I use power plugs to connect to the Internet via my PC which is also connected to the same bridge. The other power plug is connected to my routers ethernet port that I can connect to the Internet.

I am new to using a server (Windows 2012) and what I am trying to do is connect my PC to my server directly without connecting to my router etc. I can connect to my server, that is not a problem however transferring files is quite slow.

Is the away I can connect directly to the server via my computer using the bridge (very much like a wired connection which is much faster) and bypass the router altogether?

PC---| |--Bridge--Power Plug-----/ /------Router | Server | Printer

Thank you

  Jollyjohn 16:25 23 Dec 2014

No, you need the router in the system to direct traffic.
Why are you using the bridge?
I would connect PC - PowerPlug -------- Powerplug --router --server. Also what protocol are you using to transfer files and how big are they?

  digicomp 17:31 23 Dec 2014

Thank you for your reply. Files are from my PC to the hard drive on the server system. The diagram is wrong above, couldn't edit it; although it was drawn correctly at the time of writing it.

The server, printer and PC are connected to the bridge which then is connected to power the plug. This setup is upstairs. The router is connected downstairs to the power plug.


  digicomp 17:32 23 Dec 2014

Not sure what protocol. I just let windows do it.

  [DELETED] 20:14 23 Dec 2014

You can use a Crossover Ethernet Cable to connect two PCs directly and setup an 'Ad-hoc' Network connection.

But you would presumably have to disconnect from the Bridge each time and also it will likely be slow.

Unless everything connected is 10/100/1000 (Gigabit) connection.

Even then, I am not sure what the speed would be.

You could try a USB-USB Transfer Cable (not the same as a USB-USB Cable)

Or buy a USB External Hard Drive and swap between the two machines.

click here

Get USB3 stuff for future proofing, unless there is a huge price difference from USB2.

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