Connect to router not extender

  Sandbag86 15:08 10 Dec 2016


Strange problem. I'm not a technical person btw.

I live in the top room (attic) of a shared house with 2 other housemates (below). Couple of days ago I got a connection problem with my laptop wifi. The wifi (internet) suddenly cut out (I was still picking up a signal from the router) and when I opened up a browser, a dialogue box appeared asking me for a username and password for some tp-link wifi extender thing (tp link ac750).

I don't want to connect to this. I don't trust it for one (another housemate could have installed it but I'm not sure). Secondly, my wifi signal strength is fine. I want to connect directly to the router but my laptop won't let me/I don't know how.

When I take my laptop physically down to the router and stand 1 meter away the laptop reconnects to the wifi/router as before. When I go back to me room (after 5 mins) I get the same problem as above!


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