Connect PC to laptop with Ethernet cable

  Soapy-77 17:17 07 Apr 2003

Help! I want to connect my PC directly to my laptop to share files. They both have network cards and I have ethernet cable. How do I do this? I have seen the other threads but cannot see how this is done - I do not have a hub, but do I need one?

Many thanks in anticipation

  Geordie_morley 18:05 07 Apr 2003

Hi Soapy there is a few ways that this can be done.

1) Buy a hub (bout £50 or summit) what this would enable u to do is, to plug ur laptop into the hub using a CAT 5 ethernet cable and plug ur pc into the hub, again using CAT 5 ethernet cable, therefore allowing both to 'talk' to each other.

2) Buy a Cross-Over ethernet cable (no more than £10) what this would enable you to do is to connect the laptop and the PC together using the same cable...!

3) if you already have a Cat 5 Ethernet cable, buy an adapter to convert the existing cable to a cross-over (see above...!)

4) Buy a router with a built in switch, what this will enable you do is connect the laptop and the pc to your router, thus enabling the two to 'talk' to each other and if you have broadband connect to the internet!

I will post some links to give you an idea on prices...!

Hope this helps...!


  Geordie_morley 18:13 07 Apr 2003

click here

PC World - Net gear Hub (£50)

click here

PC World - Cat 5 Cross-over cable! (£9)

click here

Linksys Etherfast router (£50)

If you shop about on the web, you could prob find these much cheaper! As for the convertor, couldn't find one on Pc World's website, but I know they have one in the store!

The convertor should only cost a couple of pound!

Let me know if this helps u or not!


  Soapy-77 18:20 07 Apr 2003

Excellent - thanks for your response! A great help.


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