Connect old Canon BJC240 to modern Laptop ?

  Furkin 07:34 29 Jan 2009

Hi, My friend has just got a new Acer Laptop, which - she says - only has USB connections.
She has an old Canon BJC240 Printer that only has a Scart connection.

Can this printer phsically work via USB wiring ?
If so, is there a USB to SCART adapter ?
(it's no good getting an adapter if the signals arn't carried etc)
If not, I could get a USB lead & attach to SCART plug to the other end,,,, as long as the thing will work afterwards.


  mgmcc 07:46 29 Jan 2009

It is actually a "Centronics" connector that a parallel port printer uses (SCART is for Video devices). What you need is a USB to Centronics cable such as click here

  Furkin 09:43 29 Jan 2009

many thanks MGMCC,

it's so simple when it's pointed out - of course it's a centronics connector. I should have realised, but I was in a rush to put the posting up - that I didn't take in what she had said.

Mind you - i'd have still asked the same question - but: centronics to USB.

I wasn't sure if USB switching/volts etc would work on the older printer.

thanks again - another 'result'.


  Sea Urchin 14:37 29 Jan 2009

It's interesting that Maplins stopped stocking these parallel/USB (another name for them) connectors a couple of years ago, but clearly there was still demand for them and they were reintroduced.

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