Connect My Tablet to My TV

  AlanAbbott861 13:56 29 Nov 2018

Hi I guess the title says it all. My tablet is a Galaxy Tab S2. The TV is also a Samsung, does not have a WiFi option, but does have an HDMI cable slot. I've already bought one cable (not the right one) and to avoid wasting more money I thought I'd ask for advice. I just want to watch TV that I see on my tablet on the larger screen. Any advice given would need to be in plain English, I'm a real technophobe!! Many thanks, in anticipation, Alan.

  difarn 14:13 29 Nov 2018

Screen mirroring is a good option but I don't think that started until the S3 tablet. These instructions explain how you can do it with an HDMI cable and adapter - it gives the type of adapter needed.

click here

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