Connect multiple input devices on multiple screens

  Stikkos 13:20 06 Nov 2008


I'm a bit confused on how to setup my home multimedia system in the most efficient way...

My input devices are:
- 1 mac G5 (with DVI output)
- 1 older Shuttle PC running Ubuntu (no DVI output)
- 2 macbooks and a docking station (with DVI)
- 1 WII
- 1 Virgin v+ box

My output devices are:
- A Dell projector
- A flatscreen computer monitor

I basically would like to be able to connect all input devices to the projector and all input devices (except maybe the v+ box and the WII) to the flatscreen monitor.
Also i guess I'll need some sort of a switch to control the input to the projector and the screen...

Is this possible?
Do I need a hardware switch and what would be recommended?

Thanks for advising me!!


  Technotiger 14:37 06 Nov 2008

I don't fully understand your question - but what you appear to be saying is, that you want to run 1 Mac, 1 Shuttle, 2 Macbooks into one projector and monitor??

So it looks as if you will need a four-way switch to control the output to projector, assuming the projector is then passing on the output to the screen.

click here

  Technotiger 14:38 06 Nov 2008

PS - in my link, click on the items on the left-hand panel.

  Stikkos 19:38 06 Nov 2008

Thanks for the helpful reply and link. I think that's what I need but I'm not sure. I'll explain my question a bit more so you can confirm...

- The V+ box has a scart output and a HDMI output.
- The Shuttle PC has an s-video out as well as a standard VGA out.
- The WII has MultiAV and s-video out.
- The macbook docking station has a VGA and DVI port.
- The G5 also has a VGA and DVI port.

- The projector is a bit older and has a lot of input possibilities but I don't think it has DVI.
- The LCD monitor has the following input possibilities:
* Analogue video Signal
* RGB / Digital Video Standard
* Digital Visual Interface (DVI), High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI)

I basically want to be able to chose the source for the projector and the LCD monitor seperatly. So for instance, I want to play the WII on the projector and use the G5 on the LCD monitor at the same time.
I also want to be able to use the projector and the LCD monitor together. For instance, use the G5 on the projector and on the LCD monitor at the same time. (if that's possible)

So, with the switch you are suggesting, will I be able to connect all input devices (WII, V+, Macbook, G5, shuttle) to that switch in order to display them all on the projector?
And what do you mean with "assuming the projector is then passing on the output to the screen."? Will I need a second switch for connecting the same input devices to the LCD monitor?
And should I go for a VGA switch or a DVI switch? And how does the s-video out fit in?

Sorry for overloading you with these questions but it still isn't very clear to me.

Anyway, thanks for your help!!!

  Technotiger 19:58 06 Nov 2008

assuming the projector is then passing on the output to the screen........... Ooops, sorry, ignore that bit!

Yes, you would I guess, need a two-way switch to choose between the Projector and the Screen.

The switch in my link is a VGA switch, so you would need a two-way VGA switch.

The s-video might not even be needed.

Bear in mind, I have not actually done this, so this is mostly Theory. I have done lots of other AV connection stuff for my own purposes at home though - My PC, 2 TV's, 2 VCR's, HiFi unit, DVD Player-Recorder, Video-Audio Processor are interlinked.

  Technotiger 20:04 06 Nov 2008

Something like this perhaps? click here

  Technotiger 20:07 06 Nov 2008

As I said, mostly Theory, but just trying to give you some ideas to work on.

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