Connect Monitor to PC

  Hetti 14:41 06 Nov 2011

I have a PC that has not been set up for a while but need to know what sort of lead I will need to connect Monitor to the PC.It has a VGA (I think thats the name) that goes from back of the PC to the monitor then The only other thing I can see on the back of the monitor is a little round hole like a Jack socket will this be the power supply for the monitor, if so can anyone tell me what the lead is called?

  Hetti 14:44 06 Nov 2011

Forgot to add the lead I already have (VGA?)is blue with skrews at each side both on the pc connection and the monitor connection.

  onthelimit1 14:46 06 Nov 2011

Power supply for monitor is usually a mains lead. The other thing you may need is a sound cable if the monitor has built in speakers. The other possibility is that the monitor was designed to use low voltage DC from an adaptor, in which case you need a suitable one. Google the monitor details and see what that comes up with.

  lotvic 16:21 06 Nov 2011

If the power connection on a monitor looks like the one in the image below. Then a transformer and a kettle lead is required.

ClickHere for webpage with images

  lotvic 19:41 06 Nov 2011

Woolwell, onthelimit1 has said to google the monitor details, and I have said what the lead is called.

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