Connect Laptop to TV to watch bbc iPlayer

  Des_Rob_02 23:04 27 Mar 2010


Appologies if this is a basic question, but i'm still quite new to technology.... I'm struggling to find out conclusively if my Laptop can connect to my old 'CRT Tv' directly, so i can watch bbc iPlayer (standard def.) on a bigger screen?

So far i'm getting different answers, with about 50% saying yes just with 2x cables (see below), and the other 50% of people saying i need a special 'Pc/Tv Converter' box worth about £40!

My laptop was a good price from new but lacks some basic connections like s-video, so i've only got a VGA port to connect from (and headphone socket)

I've found several online computer suppliers, and i think that i need:

- 1 x 'Vga to Rca Composite video'
- 1 x '3.5mm stereo jack to twin phono'

But will it work directly or do i definitely need a special box?

I've tried looking at the ATI website, but it's not clear whether or not my vga card has Tv-Out capability

(if i can connect an external monitor, i should be able to connect to a television right? - it's still an output... or is it about the iPlayer signal...?)
(i don't undersand what the 'special box/converter' does as some people say it's for old type computers??)

If the answer is just to use the cables (thus saving money also) can i connect to the EuroScart on my tv, or does it have to be with the 'wht, red, yel' connections?

My laptop specs are:

- "ASUS" X51RL Notebook
- Intel Pentium Dual T2330 @ 1.60GHz
- Vista Home Premium
- "ATI" Radeon Xpress 1100 (Video Card?)

thankyou in advance to anyone who can sort this out once and for all


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:43 27 Mar 2010

Cables alone only will work with laptops and desktops with VGA cards that has TV-Out function capability through the VGA connector.

Your car click here does NOT support TV out

Therefore you need a box click here

  Des_Rob_02 17:40 01 Apr 2010

hi mate, thanks for your reply and for the link to the other website - much appreciated!

just 2 quick questions though.....

1) does it matter that my processor is Intel and not AMD?

2) when looking through the specs. on the AMD website under 'Tv Out', what does "Integrated TV encoder with an on-chip DAC" mean? as u said that my vga card doesn't support tv out, but it kinda hints that u can?

sorry to be a pain mate, i'm just lacking the tech knowledge u guys have!

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