Connect Laptop to TV via VGA to 3 RCA cable

  Alanino64 16:25 06 Jun 2008

I hope someone can help me - I've been searching to no avail.
I have a Sony Vaio laptop which has a VGA port so you can connect another monitor etc.
My TV is a fairly new Sony LCD 'Wega Engine '.
I have purchased a cable that has the 15pin VGA at one end a 3 RCA component cables at the other (Green, Blue and Red).
These match the input at the back of the TV (AV4).

I've tried some fairly obvious things but I cant get say a DVD playing on the laptop to appear on the TV. What am i doing wrong??

Many thanks for your help guys n girls

  johnnyrocker 16:27 06 Jun 2008

what graphics card in use and have you configured it for the tv?


  Alanino64 16:31 06 Jun 2008

Not sure what graphic card it is - just the one that came with the laptop. How would I go about 'configuring' it and what do i need to look out for? I'm using windows XP.

  Technotiger 20:17 06 Jun 2008

Right-click on desktop then Properties and the Settings tab in the Display window - see if both screens show or if you have the option to enable both screens. I am not familiar with laptops, but that is what I can do on my Desktop PC, to configure two screens, one PC and one TV.

  Alanino64 21:15 06 Jun 2008

Thanks for the guidence - Graphics card is GeForce Go 6200
Ive gone to advance settings and it shows 'nView'.
Display mode allows Single display,Clone or Duelview.
I chose dualview and also under the monitor tab changed this to 100 hertz refresh rate.
Didnt change anything else.
Doesnt seem to work - missing something?

  rapieredge 21:23 06 Jun 2008

I dont think you have the correct cable; I think you need to get a standard VGA cable from Maplins or a PC shop.
Connect this to the VGA out of the laptop and the other end to the VGA input on the TV. If your TV doesnt have a PC VGA input then you will you might be stuck. The Component input on the TV is not normally designed for the refresh rate of PC VGA cards and your TV will not lock onto the signal from the Laptop (unless someone proves me wrong)?

I ahve a laptop connected to my Toshiba LCD TV via a standard Monitor VGA cable and have enable dual view.

Hope this helps

  Technotiger 21:26 06 Jun 2008

I think your refresh rate is set too high - 60-75 hz would be better.

  Technotiger 21:27 06 Jun 2008

Also if you just want to show on the TV screen what you see on the laptop screen, you should choose Clone, not Dual view.

  Alanino64 21:40 06 Jun 2008

I will change the refrsh rate - I thought as the TV is 100 hertz, then the monitor setting would be the same...anyway do I need to change the screen resolution (is 800x600 at the mo). Also colour quality is set at highest (32 bit) only other option is Medium (16 bit).

Is it true the comment made earlier;
""The Component input on the TV is not normally designed for the refresh rate of PC VGA cards and your TV will not lock onto the signal from the Laptop""
Getting concerned that i'm wasting my time - but if its just a case of fiddling around and changing setting etc, I dont mind spending the time.

Thanks for the quick responses by the way

  woodchip 21:46 06 Jun 2008

You need to right click desktop\Properties\Advanced\Settings\Adapter the look for a TV or Monitor You need to setup for Dual screen before it will work

  woodchip 21:50 06 Jun 2008

If you get it to go it will only be good for games and watching DVD's not text with your setup

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