connect laptop to TV

  tonyq 21:18 05 Nov 2010

Could you please tell me if this will work with regards viewing my laptop on TV screen.Connect VGA port on the laptop (Toshiba),to a HDMI port on the TV(LG),or do I have to go the VGA to VGA way.

  birdface 21:24 05 Nov 2010

VGA to VGA with my desktop.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:25 05 Nov 2010

VGA - hdmi convertors are expensive approx £50

VGA- VGA + audio cable (if you want sound from TV)

  rdave13 21:33 05 Nov 2010

I suppose something like this adapter, listed on ebay, will work but will still be of the lower 'DVD' quality; click here
Cheap enough to try.

  northumbria61 21:34 05 Nov 2010

VGA is analog only and HDMI is digital only, and there is nothing in common between them.

If you have VGA on your TV you could use a VGA cable. If you have DVI on your computer you could use a DVI to HDMI cable. But if your computer only has VGA and your TV does not, you would need a "VGA to HDMI converter" (not a simple adapter cable).

The HDTV's HDMI ports require a DIGITAL video signal.

VGA ports on computers and laptops can only send out an ANALOG video signal.

Digital is NOT compatible with Analog, no matter what cable adapters you try to use.

That is why you CANNOT directly connect a computer VGA port to a display's HDMI port-- If you tried, you will get no image.

Check to see if your TV has a VGA connection (most do) - if so you do need to go VGA to VGA

  northumbria61 21:46 05 Nov 2010

If you are willing to spend the money see here - click here

  rdave13 21:50 05 Nov 2010

Ebay seems to sell crap once again. Forget my suggestion as those in the know, definately, know more than me.

  tonyq 22:07 05 Nov 2010

what is the difference between VGA and SVGA ?

  northumbria61 22:14 05 Nov 2010

See here - click here

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