connect laptop

  trevpow 19:20 20 Dec 2008

i wish to use my laptop sometimes online,i have pc connected to internet can i just disconnect my pc and connect to laptop to go online ? if so how do i do this thank you.

  Clapton is God 19:36 20 Dec 2008

"can i just disconnect my pc and connect to laptop to go online ?"

Simplistically, yes.

But first you'll have to load the same ISP/modem software onto the laptop as you have on the PC.

You still have the original CD, don't you?

  trevpow 19:50 20 Dec 2008

yes i have my virgen media cd so i just follow the cd ? thank you

  Clapton is God 20:10 20 Dec 2008

"so i just follow the cd ?"

Yes, assuming you're going to use the same modem and disconnect it from the PC to the laptop and back again.

  trevpow 20:15 20 Dec 2008

ahh not sure can do this,so i cant use the laptop modem ? i was thinking i just use laptop as it is thank you

  birdface 20:25 20 Dec 2008

If connected by an ethernet cable.Just switch the laptop on and then switch the modem off for 10 seconds and the switch it back should connect without having to use the CD,

  trevpow 20:35 20 Dec 2008

would it be possable to just unplug pc connection and plug the laptop into the box,and do i then change some setting,s on laptop ? thank you

  birdface 20:55 20 Dec 2008

If an ethernet cable just plug it into the back of the modem.and the other side into the back or side of the laptop.

  trevpow 18:39 21 Dec 2008

i now have connection to internet but when i try to go online i can,t do i need to set some setting,s for this thank you

  birdface 19:47 21 Dec 2008

If on I/explorer.Try File.And make sure work offline is not ticked.

  trevpow 20:09 21 Dec 2008

i check and it is ok,i did get online but after awhile it just wont open page thank you

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