Connect iPAQ to desktop using bluetooth - HOW?

  Mr. Chips 10:38 04 Mar 2005

I have an iPaq 5500 with integral bluetooth which works wonders with my GPS receiver, but I can't get it to 'see' my desktop PC.

The desktop runs XP home, has a belkin USB bluetooth adapter, which the device handler says is working OK.

But I can't get the two to talk.

Is there a procedure which I should follow?

If so can you tell me where I can find it please.

with hopeful thanks


  andy625 11:51 04 Mar 2005

I have an ipaq1940 which I use with bluetooth to sync with my laptop. I cant remember all the details during setup, but basically you install the bluetooth software on the pc, turn the bluetooth on your ipaq on, get the pc to look for bluetooth devices (open bluetooth neighbourhood or similar, there should be some way of getting it to search). Once the devices have found each other you will have to set up a partnership. Put a pin no. into each if required or as directed by the instructions.

On the ipaq go to bluetooth manager, new connection, activesync via bluetooth, and you should be able to follow the instructions from there. Mine works really well. I also have a bluetooth modem upstairs in my house, so that I can dialup the internet from my ipaq from anywhere indoors. Great if you haven't got broadband or wifi.

Hope the above makes sense. If you need more indepth help try the forums at click here. The are a very good source of info.


  Mr. Chips 15:34 04 Mar 2005


Whilst I have set up 'bluetooth' on my desktop, I do not seem to have a bluetooth network in 'My Network Places' Is this an error, or do I find it elsewhere?

  andy625 12:09 08 Mar 2005

On my pc, the bluetooth adaptor software put a "bluetooth neighourhood/places" shortcut (sorry doing this from memory) on the desktop, and I get a bluetooth icon in the system tray which goes from red to blue when the adaptor is in the usb.

Are you sure you have your bluetooth software installed on your pc properly?

  Mr. Chips 13:29 08 Mar 2005

When I went to Belkin's site they said there was an interaction between their driver and Microsofts, and suggested that I used the native one from Microsoft. Microsoft does not seem to put the same icons into the tray or as a netwaork place.
... so I don't really know where to go .... all very frustrating really.


  andy625 10:50 09 Mar 2005

I think you may get better help if you register on the forums at the pdamag website. Its an american magazine that I subscribe to, but they have a whole load of experts in using/fixing/solving problems with PDA's and I'm sure one of them will know the answer to, your problem.

I assume you're using XP? I'm using 98 as its an old pc but seems to let the bluetooth software work ok.

  Mr. Chips 15:24 09 Mar 2005

Thanks --- I will take up your suggestion, and give PDAmag a go.

Incidentally, I have sent a query through to Belkin (whose USB device is the problem) to see what they have to say on the subject.

Thank you for taking the time to help me.


  andy625 09:44 10 Mar 2005

Sorry, I just realised I gave you the wrong address, I meant to say www. pocketpcmag .com
If you go to the forums, there is lots of good advice there. Its also a good mag to subscribe to. Its a US mag that I cam accross in an airport. I get it direct from the states, and delivered to my door in the UK, its about$25/yr or $35 for 2 years (less than £2/issue).

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