Connect IDE HDD to SATA

  hastelloy 16:48 25 Jun 2008

I bought click here to connect an IDE HDD to a SATA port. I am a little puzzled by the fact that it comes with a power connector which connects to the converter itself. The converter only connects to the IDE pins, leaving the 4 power pins free. Do I need to use the power connector or would plugging the power into the HDD as if it were an IDE be sufficient?

  crosstrainer 16:54 25 Jun 2008

The product shown is designed to go the other way.

IE: sata to ide.

From what you say, you want to go the other way:


click here

Meaning you need the one above.

  hastelloy 18:55 25 Jun 2008

The description says it converts both ways and "One 40-pin female connector for ATA HDD/CDRom/DVD" Devices

  hastelloy 18:56 25 Jun 2008

Just noticed, the one in your link also has the same power connecter.

  grey george 21:20 25 Jun 2008

You will need to get power to the drive, I can't see from the picture how you do that. What cables are coming from your psu. This one from maplins seems to come with more connectors click here
but it's over 4x the price. There must be a reason for that.

  lotvic 00:49 26 Jun 2008

bookmarked for reference

  hastelloy 07:14 26 Jun 2008

The Maplins one in your link shows more cables but the sockets on the adaptor look to be identical. The large black connector on the left plugs into the HDD in place of the IDE cable. The small black connector (right bottom - if you'll excuse the expression) is for the SATA cable. The small white connector (right top)is for the "power cable". This has only 2 pins on the end which doesn't connect to the converter. The power socket on the HDD is still available for a plug as on any HDD. I need to know if I: a)connect power to the HDD as normal, b) connect power to the white plug on the converter, or c) connect power to both.

  grey george 20:31 26 Jun 2008

I don't know what the power connector on the board is for, but the ide drive will need a normal supply from the psu. If your system is sata I am not sure what plugs are spare on the psu you may need a converter. Best to open the case and have a look in side unless you have already. I would assume there are some instructions with the board. I see on the maplin site that you can submit quetions by email about the products, that may be the way to go.

  woodchip 20:54 26 Jun 2008

If you are using a IDE drive you have to connect a IDE four pin molex power plug

  woodchip 20:56 26 Jun 2008

This may help click here

  hastelloy 06:59 27 Jun 2008

I have asked the question of both maplins and misco. Maplins have yet to reply but Misco say that the HDD needs a power connection as normal but the adaptor doesn't. I'm a bit confused as to why they all have the power lead if it isn't needed. I have spare power leads so problem solved. Many thanks to all.

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