Connect Game Box like Playstation, XBox 2 Computer

  Muslimat79 20:13 21 Sep 2006

Hi everyone,

I want to setup a game center where all sorts of games will be played. I want a situation whereby I can monitor the whole process of gaming from customers by using a Computer systems where the Game machines (Playstation 2, XBox) will be connected.

Please I need someone to point me to the right direction of where I can get details of how-tos.

I want to be using Billing System like the Internet Cybercafe.

Thanks for everything.

  Muslimat79 20:24 21 Sep 2006

Could somebody please help me out. I need information in setting up a gaming cafe. A place where I can connect the game machine to a computer system for easy monitoring. I want to be using Billing software that will monitor when starts and close the screen when it should be closed.

Please wherever the information or hardware I can buy let me know. Thanks for your unceasing supports.

  mattyc_92 20:36 21 Sep 2006

I can't really help, but have you tried doing a google search on this matter?

  Muslimat79 20:51 21 Sep 2006

I've done the google search but I can't find nothing at all.

  rodriguez 20:57 21 Sep 2006

It might not be possible. Games consoles are only designed to be plugged into TV sets and not computers. Their network ports are only designed to be plugged into routers and are not designed to be used with any PC equipment. Gaming centres and cyber cafes use PC's for their games because that's what the billing software and networking is designed for. If you find any games consoles in a cyber cafe, they are not connected to a PC but are monitored seperately by the owner. But most cyber cafes will only use networked PCs for gaming.

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