Connect Galaxy Smartphone to printer via bluetooth

  compumac 22:11 27 Mar 2011

I downloaded Samsung Mobile Print to Galaxy S Mobile. I have a Blue Soleil Bluetooth adaptor that I connected directly into my HP Photosmart printer. Software for the Blue Soleil was not installed onto the PC as my intention was (hopefully) to print directly to the printer from my Galaxy S. I got the printer and the Galaxy to pair with each other but am unable to get them to actually connect. Any thoughts out there?

  compumac 08:37 28 Mar 2011

Your link was associated with Outlook and iTunes.
The HP Printer that I have, indicates inserting a bluetooth adaptor into its own USB slot. This is as opposed to a wireless connection.
They can see each other but not connect.

  compumac 09:03 28 Mar 2011

I had downloaded Samsung Mobile Print from the Samsung Market and installed it not appreciating it was intended for Samsung printers. The blurb about it refers to wireless connection as opposed to bluetooth and I was (in my ignorance) trying to connect it via bluetooth and was a little surprised when they recognised each other albeit they did not connect. My HP printer instructions indicate using an HP bluetooth adaptor for the purpose and I just had this Blue Soleil adaptor that had been hanging around for a couple of years being unused.

  compumac 09:57 28 Mar 2011

Thanks for the link. As you said, it is for Samsung printers. Do you know anything about Filelinx mentioned in that link?

  compumac 11:00 28 Mar 2011

Thanks for the link. In between my posting and your link I had come across that site. From my point of view I do not need something as extensive as that. I can do all that I need by connecting Galaxy though Kies or as a storage unit and print whilst connected. I was just curious and messing about came across this old bluetooth adaptor and the HP Photosmart printer having bluetooth, I thought I wonder....... connected adaptor and they paired.

  compumac 18:07 05 Apr 2011

Bump. Anyone suggest anything else?

  compumac 19:44 05 Apr 2011

Thanks for links, however I was trying to connect my printer directly to the Galaxy as the HP blurb indicates that you can do that without the necessity of going via the PC.

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