Connect D-Link Access Point DWL-2100AP to Network

  Kiwi Chick 19:43 22 Jun 2010


I have a wireless network setup in my house using D-Link kit - one router which does the business.

I now want to connect an access point to the network so that I can also connect my Slingbox to the network. The access point is D-Link's DWL-2100AP.

The problem is I cannot connect to the access point to configure it. I have managed to get to the logon screen via IE (as per manual) but when I enter the default username it just won't connect through. It just sits "waiting".

I'm at the end of my patience with this, so any help will be gratefully received.

Many thanks.

  blink2gb 20:21 22 Jun 2010

“But when I enter the default username it just won't connect”

Are you using the correct user name and password: - admin / admin

  Kiwi Chick 20:53 22 Jun 2010

Thanks - but I'm an IT consultant so please be assured I wouldn't be silly enough to make such a basic mistake.

  mgmcc 09:16 23 Jun 2010

The 'Access point' will presumably have a default IP address. Is the computer with which you're trying to connect to it configured with an IP address in the same Subnet?

If the computer you're using normally get its addresses by DHCP from the Router, and you're now connecting it directly to the Access Point, it will be necessary to allocate a fixed IP address temporarily.

  Kiwi Chick 09:42 23 Jun 2010

Thanks for replying, but I've got all settings correct. I can ping the access point, so IP address et al is not the issue. It just times out when trying to connect via admin IE page.

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