Connect CPU fan to chassis fan connector?

  hssutton 21:11 13 Jul 2007

I was intending to use a Zalman CNPS9500 AM2 cooling fan on my Asus M2NPV-VM board. However the CPU fan connector on the motherboard is 4 pin, with the Zalman being 3 pin.

There are 2 chassis fan connectors which are three pin. Can I use one of these, or is it essential I use the dedicated CPU fan 4 pin connector

  umbongo(uk) 22:01 13 Jul 2007

dont worry you get a device called fan mate that slots onto the four pin fan connecter.this is so you can control the fans speed and not the cool n quiet technology tht is on amd faster or whisper quiet

pop over to zalman site n all the info is there on the product

  hssutton 23:42 13 Jul 2007

The fan mate came with the cooler and all the connections are 3 pin apart from the fan mate conection.

  umbongo(uk) 01:31 14 Jul 2007


its just a case of moving the three pin over
usualy it black red yellow

check with you four pin heat sink connector were the above colours are and then mimic them with the 3 pin plug//discard were the blue goes as this is the voltage controller for cool and quiet 2
you may have to shave the knobbly bit off one the side of the zalman connector


after plugging in go to your bios and turn cq2 off as you will be using the zalman controler

you have four because your board supports cool n quiet 2

i use a four pin connecting heatsink with a 3 pin motherboard supply just means blue one is redundant opposit way round
as long as the power and fan monitor are connected you will be fine
reason for fan monitor is if motherboard dosent detect enough speed it can stop computer from booting its a saftey feature but if you read the zalman website/documents that came with the zalman it tells you this and what to do

  [email protected] 02:19 14 Jul 2007

both my pc's have 3pin cpu fans on 4 pin connectors there is a guide and it's quite hard to get them connected incorrectly.

  umbongo(uk) 02:38 14 Jul 2007

id do a diagram if he wants but he,ll have to wait as im doing somthing

  [email protected] 07:32 14 Jul 2007

here's a ready made one, last question,,,,
click here=

  hssutton 08:39 14 Jul 2007

Thanks guys. I will have no problem following the instructions supplied by umbongo(uk)

  umbongo(uk) 18:16 14 Jul 2007

lol adman thts my fan and the one i usually put in others computer and a damned fine one it is for the price

price performance it makes mince meat outa the competition for a measley £12.00
and is silent
bit of a monster tho for its size

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