Connect to comes up at start up

  karl_a 08:17 27 Oct 2003

When I start my computer, the connect to dialog box pops up. This happens every time and I dont even want to connect.

Please help. Thanx

  alcudia 08:25 27 Oct 2003

You're not alone. There just seems to be so many reasons why this could happen that I've given up.

This problem has appeared in this forum a number of times.

  karl_a 08:26 27 Oct 2003

Thanx anyway. I forgot to mention that i am using Windows ME.

  Morpheus© 08:37 27 Oct 2003

right click the IE logo go to the connect tab, and tick the "never dial a connection"

  karl_a 08:40 27 Oct 2003

Is this safe to be doing?

  Jester2K II 08:42 27 Oct 2003

Run Adaware and Spybot to make sure you have no spyware or diallers dialling out on start up.

Adaware click here

Spybot click here

Also use Autoruns to see what else is starting with the PC. click here

  Morpheus© 08:46 27 Oct 2003

yes.of just stops the box coming up on start up...........

  Jester2K II 09:07 27 Oct 2003

Its safe but it would also be better to find out why it occurs. Also it MIGHT stop you dialling out to your ISP when you want to connect to the net (as its now set to Never Dial a Connection)

  Morpheus© 09:15 27 Oct 2003

to dial out just double click your isp icon.

it occurs because the wrong box is ticked..

  karl_a 09:15 27 Oct 2003

it has got rid of the box! thanx morpheus.

Jester2K II, I use the BT Openworld Internet connwction manager to connect to the internet. This still works.

Thanx everybody!

  Jester2K II 09:18 27 Oct 2003

It doesn't happen simply because the wrong box is clicked. I have many clients set to "Always dial my default connection" and this doesn't happen to them.

The reason (and the ONLY one) is because SOMETHING is trying to dial out - not because a settings is wrong.

Your fix simply masks the problem by not allowing whatever it is to dial out.

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