Connect 2nd pc to NTL cable - not permanent share

  JYPX 21:24 15 Aug 2005

I have my destop pc connected to an ntl cable modem. I have a laptop that I would like to connect to the internet about once a week just to update anti-virus and get windows updates. I don't really want a wireless set-up as have no real need. If I plug my laptop into the modem for 10 minutes will it allocate a new ip address each time and will this be a problem?
Or....for anti-virus is it possible, with either avast or avg to download manual updates onto removable storage and update the laptop that way?
Or....My laptop is trying to connect to the internet via a wireless connection (a choice of three - must belong to my neighbours in the street ???)Don't want to use this option but do want to hear your thoughts/advice! What is the best option for me?

  GaT7 21:51 15 Aug 2005

First, you'll need to install the NTL cable modem software on the laptop, just like you did on your desktop, remembering to plug in the modem into your laptop (USB/Ethernet) ONLY when asked to do so. This should setup the connection/modem to work on your laptop.

Whenever you need to use the connection with either desktop or laptop, just swap the modem's cable from one to the other, with the correct interface (USB/Ethernet) that was initially setup for each.

The above is how I've used my NTL cable modem with 2 independent PCs (both desktops). G

  JYPX 22:06 15 Aug 2005

Many thanks Crossbow7, does the ip address change with each swop?

  GaT7 22:19 15 Aug 2005

I not sure about the IP address change - why would this matter?

As you're connecting from the SAME modem, residence, account & PIN number which PC you use to connect shouldn't change your IP address, as that's usually fixed by NTL - is it not? G

  quack 22:38 15 Aug 2005

I also use the same method to connect two PCs to my broadband connection as Crossbow7. I have no trouble at all using them this way.

  JYPX 22:43 15 Aug 2005

Well...the last time I spoke to NTL was about 18 months ago when I last changed my desktop pc. During the converstion he made some comment which suggested that the new pc, as opposed to the modem, gets a unique id at first connection. There was also a suggestion that( because of this identification) constant switching was something they were not keen on.

  JYPX 22:45 15 Aug 2005

However - 2 recomendations is good enough for me and is just what I was looking for. Thanks to both of you.

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