connect 2 cmputers to 1 monitor

  cubicle 15:40 08 May 2005

hi folks does anyone know of a cable which is preferably switchable i bought a kvm station for this purpose, it won't work with cordless mouse & keyboard,so far i haven't come across a suitable

  Hamish 16:03 08 May 2005

Try this site. I am sure I once bought a change over switch from them./ click here

  pauldonovan 16:10 08 May 2005

there was a thread not long ago on this subject. If you have network card on both PCs you could use VNC (software) to view the other PC's screen.

Alternatively a KVM is the way to go.

  y_not 06:24 09 May 2005

I'd retry the kvm switch - cordless should not make any difference.

I've been using the Belkin kvm for about two years with a Logitec cordless mouse/keyboard and never had a single problem.

The switch was via the "scroll lock" & up or down arrow keys.

  cubicle 16:06 09 May 2005

thanks for replies i will try them, regards my belkin kvm, it would pass commands to both computers regardless of it being switchable it became so much of a bind i discarded it,however i will have another go.

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