Paranoid Android 09:42 20 Mar 2004

I think PCA deserve serious respect for making the changeover to the new servers so quickly. I know there were a few wobbles, but I think anyone who knows about these things would expect that.

My guess would be that most users won't have noticed.

It must be really tough making a changeover like this when you can't just switch the thing off over a weekend.

Well done!


  Steve- 09:46 20 Mar 2004

Agreed, now that it has settled down the forum is reacting faster than at any time during my membership.
A pleasure to use!

  whatsupdoc 10:00 20 Mar 2004

the first time i click on pca and it loads instantly. its made a great site even better.

  Rogerfredo 10:45 20 Mar 2004

Yes it is fast, but why are there now only 2 pages of questions listed?

  Forum Editor 10:51 20 Mar 2004

It seems to be running well now, and you'll notice that the domain is resolving again , now that the DNS databases have updated.

We've tweaked a few things to improve the loading speed, and some of you will notice that you don't have so many entries in your "my postings" list. This helps considerably. One swallow doesn't make a summer - let's watch the site over the weekend and see how things go. At the moment however, the signs are good.

  rickf 11:29 20 Mar 2004

Its been much faster and that's a great move.

  Stuartli 11:44 20 Mar 2004

Perhaps the wording needs to be altered then...:-)

"Savour every posting you've ever made in our forums, they're all here for you to peruse at your leisure."

  ZnO 12:35 20 Mar 2004

56K 100%Improvement well done PCA :-)

  Djohn 12:37 20 Mar 2004

Job well done. I big task to do and complete over 36 hours or so. Pass on our thanks to all concerned with the move please FE.

  Forum Editor 13:12 20 Mar 2004

I will, and thank you. Sighs of relief all round at PCA towers.

We will get round to tweaking the site text Stuartli, and thanks for pointing that out.

  powerless 13:17 20 Mar 2004

How big is the PCA forum as in Megabytes?

All those posts must make a total!

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