Confusion with Lenovo Rescue System on my desktop

  cowgirl66 09:19 12 Nov 2013

Hi, I have recently bought a Lenovo 518s desktop which I'm very happy with. It's running Windows 8 and so far as that goes it's all working fine. The problem is directly concerned with Windows 8, though which is why I've posted in this forum.

I want to make a recovery backup should the OneKey Recovery in Boot fail to work and to do that I can use the Windows Recovery and put it on a 64Gb USB stick.

The thing is, on my desktop there is a blue button called 'Lenovo Rescue System' and I want to know why it's there. When I right-click on the button and choose 'Properties, the target is 'Lenovo Rescue System\OneKey Recovery.exe'

I wrote to Lenovo about it, and they say that my model of computer has no such key on their words,

"Ideacenter Desktops does not have a special button to launch the Recovery, You will have to Start Pressing the F2 Key Once you power on the Unit and that should bring you to a recovery Screen"

Should anyone with a Lenovo H520s know when I can use this button and what happens when I click on it, I'd be pleased to know. Does it launch a recovery without having to go into Boot or what? After all, it IS an '.exe' file. Which I find rather worrying.

Many thanks in advance cowgirl66

  cowgirl66 17:37 12 Nov 2013

Apologies, I don't know what I was thinking of when I said I have a Lenovo H518s.

It is the H520s model

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