Confused....Dual boot option????

  [DELETED] 16:15 01 Mar 2006

Recently my brother had a problem with his pc with came up during post that it couldn't find a boot record. Worried that he had a virus I ran my virus disk but found nothing, I then used the XP rescue disk to try and recover the MBR by using the command Fixmbr. This didn't seem to work. After trying another couple of times I realised that the correct cpu wasn't coming up at post, looking in the system bios I saw that the hdd's auto detect was switched off. Annoyed at myself for not seeing this sooner I changed the battery just in case that was failing and reset the bios.
My problem now is that it goes through post fine but give me another screen asking me to choose which O/S I want although there is only XP installed as if it's set up for dual boot. What has caused this?

  mgmcc 17:05 01 Mar 2006

The Boot.ini file may have become altered so that it now thinks there are two operating systems installed.

Open MSCONFIG ("Start > Run", type MSCONFIG and click OK), select the Boot.ini tab and click the button to Check All Boot Paths. If it finds an invalid path, you will be given the option to delete it, which should fix your problem.

  [DELETED] 15:18 03 Mar 2006

Thanks for your advise mgmcc but unfortunatly it didn't work, I've now tried to do a system restore but this didn't work either.

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