Confused WIRELESS Broadband

  pokemom 14:51 16 Apr 2006

hi i see an advert on tely for talk talk broadband for free ,so i went to the site and it said cant do me that offer cause they dont own my part of exchange or something to that effect ,so i looked to see what my own IP could do and surprise surprise its BT right so i looked through and cause of the length of the line(dont understand that bit)they can only do me 1/2 mhz line so then it said that if i went to option 3 i can get a 8meg wireless router ,so this is the BIT im confused about ,:Does that mean that if(i have,but not received equip yet) i upgrade i can then get an 8 meg line cause im on wireless,cause the idea it gave me is that then the signal for my line is then tranferred into a wireless signal and i dont need my phone line at all?????????????? some one please tell me what i dont know and what i should please?

  pokemom 14:54 16 Apr 2006

also how do i set it up when it comes ,i have also ordered 2 dongles for pc and ther running xp, do i use the wireless wizard in con panel?, or do i have to input all myself??dont get me wrong i have a cable router now runing 2 pcs ,so i have a little idea ,,also is the router i think it was bt 2500 any good?

  pokemom 15:44 16 Apr 2006

so why is it ,that noone ever helps ME with problems but every other jo ,after gets help eh ,,im starting to think its personal only been a member for les than a week ,huh thats gratitude for your supporters that pay 7 quid a time for yr mag that promotes ,IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS GOT TO OUR WEBSITE HELP FORUM PAGES ,yea where no one will help ya ,well i must say that im disapointed !!

  Pat.B 16:03 16 Apr 2006

Hi Pokemom, I'm not an expert, but I set up a wireless broadband network a year ago. The distance to your house from your exchange decides how many Mbps you can have, and the wireless router plugs into a phone socket, so it doesn't increase the Mbps you can have, and the 'wireless' bit only goes from the router to the wireless adapters in the PCs - it doesn't make your phone line wireless; you still need it.

I'm not sure what effect the speed of the router has. If you've ordered wireless adapters, you'll have to install them yourself unless you take them in somewhere. It means taking the casing off the pc, but mine came with instructions and it wasn't hard to do. My router is a BT voyager 2100, and it's been no trouble at all. Hope that was some help.

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:09 16 Apr 2006

I read your first two postings and thought I might be able to help you out. Then I read your third posting of 15:44. Before you launch into a tirade like that against other forum members, stop and think. Did you not consider the possibility that there was simply no-one on-line at the time who knew how to help you? That kind of attitude will win you no friends and no help.

  pokemom 16:10 16 Apr 2006

nice one thanks very much ,i actually built one of my pc s so i have a little understanding, and fair play to you for yr help ,i think thats wrong how they have led me to beleive ,also i ordred 2 i think there usb adapters of bt, sure tyere 50 quid each and i was just thinking what that includes ya know im not sure at all ,i have a voyager 210 router bt again and its ok i guess apart from security ,also can you extend and adjust the range in the house cause i dont want poeple to start sitting outside me house surfing ya know ,,i have no understanding really on wirless the other yea ,thanks again

  Taff™ 16:12 16 Apr 2006

It is Easter Sunday and it`s nothing personal I assure you. click here for another thread that discusses the topic. Note that this is for ADSL (BT) connections only - NOT cable.

  rsinbad 16:13 16 Apr 2006

You need to have some paitience, members give our time and advice for free.Being a bank holiday there is bound to be less members to help you with your problem.

BT provide you with a broadband package that you choose beit dialup or broadband, the choice is yours. This is delivered via your telephone line and can be a wired ethanic connection or via a wireless setup using a wireless modem/router and the dongles for each pc/laptop.

Setup instructions should come with your router.

  pokemom 16:16 16 Apr 2006

in answer to mr toes ,i now understand and apolygize for being hasty and now realise ,all i can say is i got a bit fustrated and took it out on yr column and once again i apolygize !! to all forum members and staff and must say in the past you have all been AAA+++ so relly i have no room to speak ,!!!!!

  pokemom 16:17 16 Apr 2006

Sorry got the name wrong as well !!!! not doing to well today am i ,!!

  Taff™ 16:18 16 Apr 2006

How come BT are charging you £50 for a USB wireless adapter? click here ? I know BT are expensive but try this link out click here more than adequate.

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