confused! SD memory cards

  jospar 14:38 01 Jul 2003

I need a SD memeory card for my digital camera, but my search for the most amount mb's at the cheapest price has only confused me?

During my search I have found that there is quite a price range!

Not as one might expect the prices difference being from what manufacturer and/or trader you are buying from. But the same manufacter/trader offering the same size card I.E 256mb, but giving different options of prices ranging £20 - £30+.

This were I get confused, because when I compare the photo's of the card they seem to look similar, but there is no indecation of the actual size of the card?

This has set me pondering, Even though the card it the same type that's required for my camera and the mb size is what I'm looking for. Is there a physical size difference, so that if I go for the cheapest that is offered it may not fit into my camera slot?

Or that it will, but will not work because it isn't compatiable with my camera?

And whaile I'm here, is it better to purchase one large card I.E 256mb, or several smaller card such as 64mb's?

I'm going on hoilday, so won't be able to download any pictures until I get home, I normanly use about three to four films whaile away, so am hopeing that a 256mb card will prove enough to cover?

If not what would be a good recommandation on size.

Sorry that it's a long post, but the brain is spining abit.

Thanks in advance Jo

  BillEmm 14:58 01 Jul 2003

Jo, You have to be aware; nay, absolutely sure; what type of card you need.
The common varieties are: SM=Smart Media, SD=Secure Digital, CF=Compact Flash, MM=Multimedia Memory, XD, Sony etc.

They are all different though their purpose is the same.

SD (Secure Digital) is postage stamp size and can't be substituted by any other type.

I use SM and have 128MB in the camera most of the time as it covers most events thus minimising swopping memory. For occasions when I may need addition memory I have 2 x 64MB. Why not another 128MB? Well I can remove one 64MB and have it transferred to CD or downloaded via a friend etc while I have the other in the camera.

If you are going abroad check prices there before buying here. A lot cheaper on the Channel Islands for example!


  Lú-tzé 15:06 01 Jul 2003

1 - all SD (secure digital) cards are the same physical size to the best of my knowledge - I have not chanced upon one that is a different physical size. There are however different capacitites as you have found out. Currently, the best value seems to be 128mb cards in terms of a capacity / price ratio, but that is likely to change in favour of 256mb cards pretty soon I think. I incline towards the belief that two 128mb cards are a better option than one 256mb card but that is down to personal preferences - for sharing with friends, photos from different events etc.

2 - have a look at - pretty competitive, as are novatech - I have bought cards from both of those outlets recently and am pleased with them. Prices seem to vary on a daily basis; currently, 7dayshop have waived their 95p delivery charge for internet orders.

3 - my 128mb card will hold 250 pics at a medium resolution - 1600 x whatever (can't remember) on 4.1 megapixel camera. So you will have no problem with the 256 holding your 3 to 4 rolls of film. Just remember that as you have a digital camera, you can take many pics of the same scene and thus choose the one that is best.

  Wes Tam ;-) 15:07 01 Jul 2003

jospar I bought my SD card from click here

I prefer 2 cards then if one fails for any reason I have a backup.

  Wes Tam ;-) 15:10 01 Jul 2003

ps I bought Dane-Elec - a top make at a reasonable price and, no there isn't a difference in physical size.

  jospar 15:38 01 Jul 2003


It's defently the secure digital card I need. What set me pondering was the different prices being charged for the same size secure digital card by the same manufacturer.

Kingstons for example have several different 256mb secure digital cards, each option having a different price, but given no explination on why that 256mb sd card, order code xyz was £20 more than 256mb sd card order code abc?

I've had another little dash around the net, and from the little info that I could gleam, was on one site they metioned a bit about transfer/image creation speeds. I took that as meaning the more you pay, the quicker you can take the next photo, but it wasn't clear wather they were talking about just the secure digital card, or the difference between the verious cards avaiable?

As for the holiday I'm off to the New Forest, tailer tent in tow, to a campsite in the middle off the forest, with no clubhouse, no toilet/shower block you take your own chemical loo. So have no telly, no computer (sadly) just a pack of cards, and best of all no phone, everyone knows that my mobile phone I very rarely turn on, so complete and under rest from the ratrace, can't beat it. For me hotels are for those winter long weekend breaks and then they got to be small with a log fire!

Thanks for your reply I feel a lot less confused, and a lot happier about ordering some.

  Stuartli 16:00 01 Jul 2003

Secure Digital cards are actually fully compatible with MultiMedia Card (MMC) but are faster.

There are differences with the cards and Scan of Bolton normally sells the fastest (10x) versions rather than the 4x (the point jospar is making about the cards).

Secure Digital, apart from being one of the latest memory card conceptions and only about the size of a postage stamp, is proving more and more popular.

It enables much smaller cameras and similar products to be designed around the card.

  Stuartli 16:03 01 Jul 2003

I have both SD and MMC cards for my Minolta Dimage E203 digital camera; it came with the SD card but, at the time I bought the camera, MMC cards were very much cheaper.

Now SD cards virtually match their price point and, in view of their superiority, there is little point in buying MMC versions.

  jospar 17:40 01 Jul 2003

Thanks all

I think I can now tick as resloved.

Tu-Luz (sorry no' above name, keyboard not playing today) on what you say you can fit on your 128 card, if my maths is correct, then my normal setting of 2048 x 1536 large, set at fine, I get 21 photo on my 8mb internal memory, so if I'm correct then I could expect to get over 300 on this setting using 128mb card?

Camera is 3.2 meg, so far I've been really pleased with the results that I'm having, its seems to do it all for me. And there no waiting for the film to be finished before you can see it or process it.

  Bodi 18:46 01 Jul 2003

I (actually hubby) bought two 32MB SD memory card for my camera when they should have been XD. Obviously unused - if you want them, make me an offer, they are sitting doing nothing at the moment.


  jospar 19:47 01 Jul 2003


I'll send a direct reply

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