Confused by Nero OEM

  TonyTT 16:45 17 Jul 2005

I have just received my new (and first) PC. I wanted one that I could record DVD etc with so it has all the correct hardware. However it came with Nero OEM. Looking at other questions on related topics people are talking about Nero OEM version 5 (among others), I have no idea what version mine is. All I know is that I can't record DVD with it. I have been to the Nero web-site but can't find the info I want. I have Nero Vision Express 2.SE etc. Can I download the latest version of the bits that I want, or do I have to buy the whole of Nero 6, or is it 6.6, or is it 6 Ultra. Why oh why is everything so complicated?

Any help gratefully received, from a frustrated newcomer.

  mattyc_92 16:52 17 Jul 2005

You have to select the disk type (if you use "Nero SmartStart" it is easier....)

All you do is select the "DVD" option and select what type of disk you wish to make e.g DVD Video or DVD Data

  TonyTT 17:27 17 Jul 2005

Thanks mattyc_92, But with Nero Vision Express 2.SE, which is what you get with the Nero OEM that I have, there is no option to "make a DVD" like there is with Nero Vision Express 2. Is there any way to download just that bit from Nero, because it would appear that you have to download the whole of the latest version, which I don't need or want as OEM has the rest of what I want.

Am I being naive to think this, as in, has big business got me by the balls?

  Ancient Learner 20:44 17 Jul 2005

The new version of Nero is called 'Nero Reloaded' I find that it is very good at doing all things CD and DVD; comes with a back up package as well as many other things.

The Nero supplied with PCs could, according to recent reports, be anything, and is likely to be a much disabled affair. I have no idea which additions you can make to your version, but I am amazed, and shocked, that you are unable to burn DVDs on a new machine that has a DVD drive included.

  Completealias 00:08 18 Jul 2005

Havin just received my copy of PC advisor yesterday it explains about the nero oem suites in there in the dvd burner round up.

Apparently Nero OEM comes in three suites version 1,2 & 3 version 3 is the version you need if you want to do dvd writing the others ones do not have the mpeg 2 plug in which is what you need for dvd writing.

Unfortunately I think if you want to use the suite you have for dvd writing you will need to pay for the mpeg2 plugin given that the plugin costs $24.99 which works about to about £12.50 and you can pickup an OEM copy of suite 3 for less than that i'd go for that option.

You can get a free program which will allow you to write to dvds from click here but it won't allow you to encode/decode files

  jack 17:12 18 Jul 2005

There are many variations of Nero OEM each tailored to the Burner that came with the machine.

None to my knowlege will burn DVD, it is essentially a 'get you started' version
To burn DVD you need as mentioned 'Nero Reload'

Or get something else completly different such as
CDBurnerXPPro3- which is free and has been on the PCA cover disk from time to time.
Do a google for the program name it may turn up.

  Pooke 01:22 19 Jul 2005

So was I silly by buying Nero 6 reloaded for £40?

If nero oem 3 comes with all the encoders for £6?

  Pooke 01:23 19 Jul 2005

but I am equally confused about Nero in general.

  TonyTT 15:18 19 Jul 2005

Now that that is as clear as mud, thanks, I will try and download the plug-in.

  Completealias 15:33 19 Jul 2005

As I said earlier the plugin will probably cost you more than just getting an OEM suite 3

  puma22 19:20 20 Jul 2005

I use Nero express. Open it up, click on DVD-Video files. Click add (right hand side at top) new little screen opens clikc in location at top to brouse for files highlight all files and then click add at bottom. Should have loaded all the files ready to burn. Click next on bottom right and then burn.
Good luck

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