Confused memory

  Tempest1 20:25 05 Nov 2004

I have got a pc which has the following memory in it PC133 64mb SDRAM, how does this relate to PC2100 etc.Is it compatable.

  Dorsai 20:41 05 Nov 2004

There are shed load of different types of memory sticks.

some have a different socket, so it wont actually plug in if it's the wrong one.

Other share the plug type, but wont work.

I personally think the best bet is to phone/E-mail the details of your system, and say that you want memory to work in it.

Only say 'i want memory that works in my PC (details as given), and is XXXMb in size'

If it dont work, they have got it wrong.

If you ask for a 256Mb PC2100 stick, made by 'A Company', and it dont work, thats it not their problem. The sent exactly what you asked for. It's your fault for asking for the wrong thing.

COnsumer laws not withstanding.

  THE TERMINATOR 01:28 06 Nov 2004

You have SDRAM in your system, PC2100 is DDR RAM, and completely different. Keep the DDR RAM it is faster- and get a new mobo to put it in....TT

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