confused with DDR RAM

  Rocket0612 13:58 08 Sep 2003

I am looking to buy 512MB of DDR ram for my computer as I have recently upgraded a fair bit. However, I am confused as I can but PC2100, PC2700 & PC3300, what does this mean and what is best for me? I use the compuer quite a lot and am always downloading or playing games so I need the best one that suits my needs, please help!

  Chegs ® 14:04 08 Sep 2003

Those numbers refer to the speed the RAM operates,with PC3200 being faster than PC2100

  alan 2273 14:25 08 Sep 2003

What processor are you using and what fsb does your motherboard support.

  minter 15:12 08 Sep 2003

Did you upgrade you mobo when you upgraded a fair bit

If you did it should tell you which ram speeds it supports.

If it states that it only supports up to say PC2700 then you will gain nothing by installing the PC3200 or higher. So you might as well save yourself some money and stick to the maximum it supports.

If you go here it will help you choose the right memory for you mobo click here

  Rocket0612 15:24 08 Sep 2003

i have a 2gig processor, my mb is made by Elitegroup, not sure of exact model, it has slots for DDR ram and also for the other type of ram (not sure of the name but I have 512mb of this), only bought it about 4 months ago. minter, will try your link tonight when I finish work!

  Rayuk 18:19 08 Sep 2003

Other type is SDRAM hope you are aware this will be surplus if you buy DDR as you cant run them both at the same time.

2gig processor means nothing to me,download Aida Personal System Information and it will give you the details needed to help you
click here

  keith-236785 18:42 08 Sep 2003

unless you are using widows 2000 or XP, you will gain nothing by increasing the ram, in fact it could slow down the computer.

all other versions of windows only support a maximum of 512MB

  Rocket0612 07:27 09 Sep 2003

thanks for all your help, yeah I know my SDRam will no longer be of use. I am running XP so hopefully will not have any problems!

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