confused?? broadband provider

  elc 19:48 19 Apr 2006

All of a sudden there seems to be so many suppliers offering their service but which is the best from your experience?? I am coming off cable back to a bt phone and want to change my broadbrand provider. I like the the sound of wannado but are not totally convinced. loads of my friends suggest this that and the other including tiscali & the new talk talk. i download quite often and do not use my phone too much.please advise the best value service as like my header suggests i am "confused"????

  Stuartli 19:52 19 Apr 2006

TalkTalk's offer is remarkable but, unfortunately, it could be some considerable time before you would be broadband connected due to demand five times more than anticipated so far.

Why not use an ISP that has renewable one monthly contracts rather than 12 (or 18 months in the case of TalkTalk) and wait for developments?

Other ISPs are going to have to make substantial rival offers to TalkTalk if they are not going to be left behind. is, IIRC, one that offers monthly contracrts and no doubt other forum members will post other links.

I agree with Stuartli
Let the broadband battle begin!!

  Stuartli 22:11 19 Apr 2006

I've actually signed up to TalkTalk...:-)

I think it will be very hard to beat overall and I've estimated I'll be saving £10 to £15 a month even without considering the free phone calls.

Perhaps if Tiscali hadn't messed me about so much last year I would have stuck with it rather than leave after eight years (started with WorldOnline).

  anniecat 22:22 19 Apr 2006

I've been with Tiscali about 5 years, the connection has always been good but tech help is useless and billing, well.. I had a right set to with them. I've been wanting to leave them for a while but they said and BT confirmed it that I wouldn't be able to connect .. not even with dial up, for a few weeks... Do you know if Talk Talk supports the BT services like caller ID and call waiting ?

elc.. hope you don't mind me asking a question of Stuartli.

  spuds 23:17 19 Apr 2006

Adslguide is worth looking at for ISP information click here plus Dslzoneuk click here

I use Tiscali, previously Lineone, never had any major problems except with the 'un-english' support call centre.

  bluto1 23:22 19 Apr 2006

I agree with Stuartli and anniecat, go to `talk talk` and hopefully their Customer Service and connection speed will be a long way faster than Tiscali. I`m currently achieving less than dial-up speed with them.

  Stuartli 23:48 19 Apr 2006
  goonerbill © ® 00:33 20 Apr 2006

beware, talk talk offer excellent, customer services/helpdesk &*%". sister uses them and has had no end of trouble with sending emails (can't), receive yes. helpdesk just phobe her off with the same excuse... nortons internet security/antivirus is stopping out going emails but its been disabled checking out going mail.

  terryf 05:04 20 Apr 2006

I wouldn't touch this offer with a barge pole having been with talktalk. Firstly 18 months is an awful long time to be with some-one that you grow to dislike because of the way they behave, their customer service was awful, taking days to reply to emails, it took nearly a month for them to realize that I had left them and I had cancelled my direct debit. Calls to tech support are expensive. If they couldn't handle their existing customer base, how are they going to manage when all the people who join, (who will of course have carefully read and appreciated the small print in the Terms and Conditions and who will be willing or able to pay the (£70, I think) fee to terminate their contract early) seduced by the offer of 'free' broadband. As they say oop North, you don't get owt for nowt and I say, you get what you pay for, if the broadband drops out, well it's free isn't it. I have chosen to go with an ISP (Eclipse) that offers a month by month contract, real unlimited downloads (unlike talktalk who restrict certain types of downloads) and who have just upped the nominal download speed to 8 MB at no extra cost

  Phphred 08:52 20 Apr 2006

Why don’t you have a look at F2s ? I find that they are great, with good customer support. You will still stay with BT and can use for your telephoning @ 3p per any call (even if it is not answered) in the UK for any length of time! They also have very cheap and lots of free overseas calls. click here click here

The other thing that I think needs noting about the Carphone Warehouse offer is that they “Give” you broadband and I can’t see how you will have any leverage in a dispute about their service for it!!

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