Confused between tom tom,sony and garmin sat nav

  nklarb1 11:31 10 Aug 2006

i am new with the sat navs however need to get one. can someone help me find which of the three is the best to use interms of reception in big city like london.

  babybell 12:03 10 Aug 2006

You will have no problems with a Tom Tom Sat Nav System in and around London. What I would say is get a Sat Nav system that recieves traffic updates. I have a Navman 330 which i love but it will get me from A to B and that is it. That means if i wanted to go to london at 5pm on a weekday it wouldn't care which way it took me. Some of the higher models of Tom Tom tho will recieve traffic updates and if there is an accident or roads are gridlocked, it will give you a route of A to B but will take you via C, saving you a lot of time and stress. A helper in store at Halfords will happily talk you through the range, just tell him what u need from your Sat Nav

  Fellsider 12:48 10 Aug 2006

Ihave an iCN520 and find it generally good but...
There's always a but, despite trying all sorts of settings it seems to like going down narrow country lanes for no apparent reason. Also if I divert off the route it will constantly try to get back to the original rather than plot a new route!. I accept that there is a facility to avoid areas but it is not always easy to find somewhere to stop to select an 'avoid area'.

Here's a question. In the case of Sat Navs that receive traffic signals, how do you know that it is taking you on a particular route because of traffic congestion rather than just because it wants to? (you will have some preconceived idea of the route anyway).

  babybell 12:58 10 Aug 2006

I don't know how it does it, but it must mention that that it is rerouting due to traffic congestion. My Navman ICN 330 was only £120 from Argos but it is very good. If I divert from a route it has given me, it will calculate a new route in a matter of seconds and it also comes with a moving 3D live map showing ur exact position as you drive along the road.

  Jackcoms 18:36 10 Aug 2006

You seem to have overlooked the fourth and, by far, the cheapest and most accurate car navigation system.

It's called a map book.

I wouldn't use anything else. Mine's perfectly adequate and, coupled with a bit of common sense, remarkably accurate.

I've never yet ended up down a dead end, driving along a private road or into a river.

  anchor 11:57 11 Aug 2006

Jackcoms: A map book is all very well, but having been touring extensively in France this summer, I would not have been without my TomTom 700. Getting in and out of large busy cities, (such as Paris & Lyon), would have been a nightmare.

Having said that, there is no substitute for local knowledge. My TomTom plans a local route that would take me along the busy North Circular road, which I avoid like the plague.

Reception in central London should be no problem, especially with their new range that uses a new type of GPS receiver. You may assume that for most of the day traffic conditions in central London will be bad.

  User-312386 00:00 12 Aug 2006

Tom Tom One for me

I work in and around London all day and have had my Tom Tom One for 2 months and cant live without it now.

click here

They also have a firmware update which make the Tom Tom work better

  User-312386 00:02 12 Aug 2006

with regards to the Traffic updates, they are useless.

Most of the satelite data is either old or not updated quickly enough.

I used Tom Tom Traffic for the first month and found it very poor for reporting on incidents

  mole44 08:17 12 Aug 2006

my sat nav is good (navman 510),i know maps are great if you want to get to a main place,then you need an A-Z for the final leg to a street.nav systems do it all in one go, no distractions,and if you get diverted it just recalculates your directions.there not perfect but then again neither are maps,i keep both in the car but prefer my nav me stress free directions so i can concentrate on driving.

  zekea 14:00 12 Aug 2006

Tom Tom One is the best.
Easy to use for beginners & fine for all UK travell.

  anchor 15:27 12 Aug 2006

I agree, the TomTom One would be ideal for use in the UK. It has the latest integrated GPS receiver, (based on SiRF Star III). Reviews here:

click here

Typical price £213.99, including P&P.

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