Eagle 13:36 11 Mar 2004

Help - Please!

I want to set-up a WiFi system at home but I am very confused and will be grateful if someone can explain what I need, what offers the best value and what connects with what.

I don't have broadband yet but will be connected in the near future. I assume the modem will be provided by the ISP.

3 computers in different rooms need to be able to share broadband internet access, 1 printer and files on the hardrives, CDs, DVDs etc. I also think I want a hardware firewall included. The telephone access point is in a different room from all the PCs.

The printer is hardwired to one of the 3 computers. Will the other two be able to use it independently (preferably) or only through the attached PC?

A software firewall is periodically updated. How does this work with a hardware version?

Will I need 802.11g or will 'b' be sufficient.

Can video and sound be shared across a network

Thanks in advance for any help

  byfordr 16:51 11 Mar 2004

Something like a Netgear DG834G wireless/router/firewall/modem all in one is what you need.
click here (£104 at the moment, also 10% off offer at the moment)

Plumb router into phone socket. Then get cards or adapters for each pc. These can be in the form of usb drives, pci cards or external adapter for desktops. You can leave the router on, then just turn on the pc you want to use. If you connect your modem up to a pc, you will need that pc on to use bb on the others.

A data sheet for the DG834G (explains and bit about everything and what the firewall can do)
click here

Get a filter for each phone point. I've yet to find any cheaper than these for £1.17 (used them lots of times setting up bb connections for people) click here

For the printer set up sharing, and as long as the pc connected to the printer is turned on you will be able to use it.

For arguements about 11mbps or 54mbps click here The speeds are theory, but if you are wanting to share files between pcs get the faster you can.

click here for comparing broadband. Personally use click here 2mb for £37.50 inc vat



  Eagle 07:44 12 Mar 2004

Thanks byfordr that was very useful

  Jakey boy 09:54 12 Mar 2004

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