Confused about site plug-ins or ActiveX thingies

  NickyK 00:37 29 Dec 2004

I've recently found that old, clean and perfectly okay and non-download-music etc sites have started asking me to accept either plug-ins or some kind of ActiveX updata-stuff. (This seems especially to be music people).

I have no wish to break the law by downloading illegally. Nor do I really want someone to stick something in my computer that I don't know about or fully understand. Nor do I want to sign up for any sites or give them my e-mail ident.

But some sites (a really decent Wallpaper site a while ago) simply won't let me access them otherwise (I don't think they're porno, by the way).

How should I play this? Ignore them all? And, if anybody could explain what it means to allow a plug-in or an Activex thingie, I'd love to hear.

  pc moron 00:51 29 Dec 2004

If you give permission for an Active X script to run you're effectively saying "Do whatever you're going to do to my PC", it's almost like running an .exe file- when executed it takes control and does what it's designed to do.

If you don't completely trust the site, don't give permission for any Active X scripts to run.

  NickyK 00:56 29 Dec 2004

Thank you, pc moron. Thus far, I have never allowed any ActiveX in (and it was from more than on site, BTW). From what you have just told me, I will continue this policy.

I appreciate your reply.

  ACOLYTE 01:18 29 Dec 2004

Some sites will use Active x to install 3rd party toolbars in IE these alter your start page and download things you dont wont,most sites wont tell you this is happening so before you know it
you have loads of popups and your homepage is bieng reset,there is other things that do this as well, as said if you dont trust the site dont allow this to happen,its not so bad for xp sp2 users as these can be blocked and turned off,but other OS users dont know its happened untill its to late.

  NickyK 01:52 29 Dec 2004

At the risk of being me, is it ever worth trusting a site unless it is one like this and with which one has some kinda history?

  pc moron 01:52 29 Dec 2004

Further to ACOLYTE'S info I'd suggest (if haven't already) you download, install and update this click here
It works a treat at stopping unwanted Active X invasions.

  NickyK 01:53 29 Dec 2004

Oh, tganks ACOLYTE

  NickyK 01:56 29 Dec 2004

Tnaks again. pc moron, and thanx for looking in again.

I will take all the advise offered here, but I still don't really understand ActiveZ or Plug-ins. As I keep on saying, I am new to this stuff. Idiot-Guide requested.


  NickyK 01:58 29 Dec 2004

I am resolving this because I have somethiung to go on, and I don't want toikeep people from more improtant posts.


  NickyK 02:01 29 Dec 2004

BWT - Blaster installed. Ta.

  Djohn 02:25 29 Dec 2004

Your not keeping people from more important things. To you this is very important. Do you have an anti virus application/firewall and other checking/cleaning applications on your PC? I see you have downloaded the excellent spywareblaster but you need others beside this.

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