confused about this site

  eccomputers 21:19 01 Apr 2003

there is a '5' for example at the end of the
subject about dvd sharing but when I open the thread there are only 4 including the original post? this seems to happen a lot.

  watchful 22:12 01 Apr 2003

Nothing to worry about. Sometimes it says 0 but when you click on the thread there may be 2 replies. Just takes time loading. Number of replies though doesn't include the original post. If you stay on the same page it won't be updated.

  Djohn 22:19 01 Apr 2003

I can't find the thread you refer to, can you post a link please. (Eyes are going). :o)

  Mango Grummit 09:51 02 Apr 2003

Me as well, Three faculties going fast here too, eyes, ears and.... errr - now what was the other thing.......??

  watchful 10:58 02 Apr 2003

This could be the one but the total is now up to 7 so, can't be sure!!!
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