Confused about Norton

  u2 01:49 16 Jun 2003

Hi I bought Norton 2002 last year,and Im a bit con fused about their updates what are virus definations? do they have to be downloaded?.

On a 56k modem it takes ages to update,yesterday I downloaded on live update what i assumed to be updates, but it was another version or Norton 2002.

The version I have is 7 and this is 8.07.17e.I un-installed my version and ran the setup I received fron Norton, one minute it,s telling me my supbcripsion is until this time next year,and then I get a box telling me its a 30 day trial.I cant remember when I bought it {what month}Ive no idea whats going on

The E-mail on both setups is causing grief,says unable to start e-mail protection,but when I uncheck {options} [e-mail} then go to main box i get conflicting message one saying e-mail unable to start another saying E-mail is on.Should I re -install the Norton I bought or leave the one they downloaded me,Ive re installed both versions and e-mail still causinggrief .Thanks in advance.

  rabadubdub 02:45 16 Jun 2003

Some ads and offers look like instructions. Granted I may be getting it totally wrong about how you came about the newer version.

I'd reinstall the original. When you run LiveUpdate it checks for updates of all aspects and sections of the program, including the actual programme itself (not an upGRADE) and Virus definitions (which are a MUST as nearly every user of this forum will tell you). True it can be slow as hell on a 56k but it's not as bad as having your system ravaged by a virus. And if you update regularly the amount of download is only a few hundred Kb. New definitions are posted every Wednesday last time I checked.

Luck, Rab

  rabadubdub 02:48 16 Jun 2003

Virus definitions are just that... they give the programme a description of a virus's activity so that it can recognise it if it appears.

  u2 02:55 16 Jun 2003

They sent me the newer version I assumed it was an up date ,will install the old version.any advice about the e-mail problem, even the old version started to cause grief when I installed the newer version?

Should never have touched the newer version ,if it aint broke dont try and fix it ,cheers lads.

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