Confused about Java

  polymath 21:09 17 Sep 2004

I can't get secure pages, eg. shopping, renewing subscriptions etc; even as Trusted Sites with lowest poss. security, & anti-virus software off (no firewall). Get Page Not Available message every time.

From reading other threads, I understand that Java's needed to access secure sites, so have been trying to check whether I have it installed.

I use Win. 98SE, and IE6. There's a Java folder in C:\Windows, with 4 subfolders; Classes, containing I file, Packages (mostly zip files), Data (about 10 files), & Trustlib (empty). These files have the same date as my installing IE6. (So does Java come with it?) I wasn't trying to access secure sites before then, so don't know if I could have done with the earlier IE.

In Internet Options - Advanced, Scripting of Java applets is enabled. Under Microsoft VM, Java Logging & JIT compiler for virtual machine, are enabled.

I also now gather that there's Sun Java and there's Microsoft VM, and never the twain shall meet (that is, installing one needs uninstalling the other first), and that VM may be the superior. Have I somehow got just one installed, but just the other enabled? Or neither installed at all? All I've found under VM is some .dll files. Neither Java or VM are in add/remove programs.

I'm probably being exceptionally dim, but can anyone help me see the wood fot the trees?
Have to go now, but back tomorrow; eternal gratitude for any help!

  Valvegrid 21:32 17 Sep 2004

Don't worry about JavaScript, its more likely to be your security settings are probably set too high, try going to Internet tools and options, in the Security tab, lower the slider on the left to select a lower setting, then click OK.

By the way, JavaScript and Java Sun do different jobs.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:33 17 Sep 2004

Why not to and download the latest JRE - that should sort out any queries re. Java.

  iscanut 21:42 17 Sep 2004

I needed to download Sun Java to use with Mozilla Firefox browser but did not need to uninstall the Microsoft version, which is sitting on my machine and I presume is accessed when I use Microsfit Internet Explorer instead from time to time ...Both versions seem to be OK living with each other !

  Irishman 21:49 17 Sep 2004

click here

If you use IE go to Tools Internet Options Advanced and make sure Use Java is ticked.

  Valvegrid 21:52 17 Sep 2004

This site will test to see if Java Sun is working, if it is, it will tell you what version you're using:

click here

If you find its not working, you can download it from here:

click here

  keith-236785 22:06 17 Sep 2004

windows 98se has java included in the install, windows XP does NOT have java due to legal action between microsoft and Sun. you should have no problems with the java (unless it has been disabled)

  polymath 20:57 18 Sep 2004

Many thanks to all of you.

I went to the Java testing site (thanks Valvegrid), and found that I have an older version of Java technology (Microsoft, ver. 1.1.4), and that it's working (it said JRS functioning correctly, not that I know what that means yet!).
It looks a very informative site, and I intend to go back there and get a later version.

Meanwhile, as my version 'ain't broke', I went back to the IE settings as suggested, to find out what was. I'd set the Privacy slider to medium, (assuming that this wouldn't have any effect on the Trusted Sites). But I tried the slider at its lowest, and lo and behold I've just accessed one of those secure pages for the first time, and renewed a subscription.
The low setting ('accept all cookies'), is the only one that enables existing cookies to be read by the sites that created them - I suppose that's what did the trick. I should have read the description before, as I'd gathered that was the whole point of cookies!

Anyway, thanks everyone for the help & info. I was on the wrong track, but all your postings will be helpful in the future!

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