Confused about firewalls, virus protection, malware etc

  johnincrete 17:11 01 Feb 2012

When my computer was running very slowly, I was advised to ditch the protection I had (forgotten which - feature of my age!) and to use Windows Security Essentials. It certainly had the desired speed effect but, looking at some posts on this forum, I wonder whether WSE is all I need. I am not sure if WSE includs virus protection. I am connected via a router so I guess I have a hardware firewall.

I run Malwarebytes regularly and never has it or WSE reported any problems.

I am using XP SP3 on elderly Dell (that has many newish parts) which, apart from slow startup, runs adequately for my needs that include video editing and web stuff with Serif MoviePLus and WebPlus. Internet access is mainly for emails, Skype, reading newspapers and this forum. I don't use FaceBook or Twitter and only sometimes download clips from YouTube mainly to convert to mp3.

  onthelimit1 17:14 01 Feb 2012

Microsoft Security Essentials is antivirus. With that and malwarebytes, I think you're fine considering your use of the net. If you want additional protection, I'd opt for the free version of Superantispyware and run that once a week.

  rawprawn 17:23 01 Feb 2012

I agree with onthelimit1, for your usage you are well protected.

  john bunyan 17:47 01 Feb 2012

I also agree with the other two respondents!The only point I would make is that the "long" scan with MSE seems to take ages compared with some others, but the advantage of the auto updates makes it a good choice.Wit MSE, MBAM and SAS you should be fine.I now use the windows 7 built in firewall; PCTools is a good freebie firewall.

  Input Overload 19:22 01 Feb 2012

I've recently been trying the cloud based 'Webroot SecureAnywhere' which uses the Prevx base. It seems to work quite well, though it seems the jury is still out on that one. I've read good & mediocre reviews on it.

One thing I do like about the AV is the amazingly small memory footprint of around 5.5 meg. On modern PC's this isn't a great problem but my very ancient DELL laptops love it. I need to keep the DELL going as it has a serial port & I still have to use this on none USB equipped UPS systems at work. It may or may not be the way forward but overall I'm impressed at this point.

I did notice the other day as I was skimming channels & saw it on a new Acer laptop which was the first time I've seen it as default AV

  johnincrete 06:38 02 Feb 2012

Thanks all. I can rest in peace

  Joe G 20:03 02 Feb 2012

I'd just add Spyware Blaster which provides some active protection & possibly Spybot - but then I am a bit over the top!

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