Daisy22 18:45 23 Feb 2006

after looking at all the links to check out specifications for new PC's, I'm pretty much decided that I would like 1,024 mb ram and 160 kb hard drive

however, i'm confused about which processor to go for after checking the forum

I'm used to a pentium 4 (which is now 4 years old) so should I opt for a Sempron 3100 or an Athlon 3200? Which is best please

My printer always tells me when I use it that it would work better in a high speed 2.0 usb hub, do most PC's these days have those as standard

Thanks for all the previous help

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:48 23 Feb 2006

What you need depends on what you want to do with it.

Video editing, large HDD and lots of memory

Gaming fast, processor and top of the range graphics card.


  howard63 18:49 23 Feb 2006

the standard now for pcs is usb2 if a pc still has only usb1.1 it is a very old stock one. As to the chip if you have decided on AMD your best bet is the socket 939 as the socket 754 appears to be the one that is now being replaced. Sempron is the cut down cheap equivalent to the celeron. Go for the best chip you can afford.

  Daisy22 19:03 23 Feb 2006

I will be using the internet, email, messaging, using word, photographs, scanning and DVD/CD/RW.

I don't play games but I still get emails that I need graphics to open.

I use the VOIP/SKYPE telephone systems, and that's about it really.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:32 23 Feb 2006

Have a look at the Superbuget PCs in this months (April) PCA mag they will do all you need and more for £600 Issue 129 on sale 16 February 2006
CD version £3.80 / DVD version £4.99 click here

  Daisy22 20:07 23 Feb 2006

Sorry, all these GB, MB or whatever bytes, I told you I was confused!

One of the computer shops suggested the Athlon 3200 or the Sempron 3100.

I mean 160 gb (currently I've got 60 gb) and I would like 1024 mb ram (currently i've got 768 mb). No monitor, just PC with XP installed.

I just need to know what compares best with Pentium 4

Thank you for all your help

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